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  1. FXAA vs TXAA vs SMAA vs T+FXAA

    Intel 4790K GTX 970 [email protected] 1500 core, 4000 mem 8GB ram Don't know how all the AA options perform on AMD gpus but i expect similar results
  2. FXAA vs TXAA vs SMAA vs T+FXAA

    Made some screens to test the different AA options inV7 so i might as wel share them All the different AA options with afterburner OSD visable so the performance can be compared Resolution scale 100 Resolution scale 120
  3. MSI Afterburner Riva Tuner FPS limit tools

    MSI afterburner4.11 with the statistics server server that came with it (server 6.30 ). Don't let it the statistics server auto update (block it in your firewall) or it wont work with Squad anymore.
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

  5. How to Stop Windows 10 Pop-up Reminder

    just uninstall windows update kb3035583 and hide it so it wont update again. No more popups!
  6. i get the impression that any statistics server above 6.30 doesnt work. So you can have the same version of afterburner(4.11) but a different version of the statistics server
  7. I think i have a different statistic server then. I blocked it from updating so i have the version that came with 4.11
  8. Mine does. MSI 4.11 with statistics server6.30 I dont bother updating, If it ain't broke, don't fix it :P
  9. will my system run this?

    In short , that system wil not be able to run Squad maxed out with good fps I had a GTX570 (about the same performance as your 7850) and a AMD cpu and got 30 fps on medium / low So if you buy a new PC only for Squad-> go with Intel cpu as stated above by shawn7186 Als je nog vragen heb stuur maar PM , aan de gequote text te zien ben je nederlands :P
  10. Community content WIP thread!

    I think this was a 2k testmap? But im just figuring out what works and looks good.
  11. Community content WIP thread!

    Followed some tuts for ue4 Mountainish terrain with few flat(green) areas for compounds/ fields US base will be in the bottom left corner
  12. Freezes

    Its no magic fix but try removing the Squad folder in appdata (location C/users/yourusernamehere/AppData/Local/Squad) You'll lose your settings and keybidings but thats easy to redo anyway .
  13. New member of the family

    If i say im a girl now i probalby get a shit load of medics when i need one, i'll be revived within seconds lol But no, just another guy who got an alpha key mate
  14. Hey everyone! After seeing a video on youtube from Para about Squad i thought i must have this. I must have this now! So orderd my alpha key last week! Played a few rounds last weekend, amazing :). I was just in time for AlphaV2. Used to play Red orchestra 2 and some other stuff. Back in the old days some Operation flashpoint, and later some PR. But you'll be seeing me in Squad servers from now on. Cya