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  1. Alpha Version 9 Released

    adapt or die
  2. Alpha 7.7 Released

    This is what you don't seem to understand bruv - WE ARE THE ONES TESTING IT.
  3. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I can forsee my girlfriend leaving me in the near future due to neglect.....
  4. fps issue since steam

    I found that the problems only occur when someone else talks using the in game VOIP.
  5. Server Stability, What's Up?

    I find whenever there is lots of chatter on comms there is unplayable ping spikes and frame drops/lock ups. May be something for you devs to look into.
  6. Cant load into a game

    Yeah I've noticed patience can be key with lots of parts of squad at the moment. Loading in. Textures. From what I've played though it looks promising and I've had a ball.
  7. Cant load into a game

    press enter and then it brings up the spawn menu
  8. Sydney AU Server?

    Awesome. Thanks IrOnTaXi. Lag is killing it for us playing on the OS servers. some we can still get good games but sometimes it's completely unplayable.
  9. Yeah you too Xavo. I'm always lurking around though mate.
  10. God damn I just want to mortar that area now. Oi!!! Madhouse is meant to be N/A Clan captain though. Send him off. I'll stay just to drop grenades "accidentally" at your feet Noddy.