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  1. Video card

    i must wait my bd for some money :D
  2. Video card

    Thank u guys !! Okay New CPU New Videocard.. And both of them should be Intel ?
  3. Video card

    Hello guys ! Im itnerested in what is the best video card for the game. I have this config: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-core 3.50GHz Processor Amd Radeon R7 200 Series Video card 2x4Gb ram. It seems like my video card is a bullshit for this game. I have hard fps laggs. Maybe in every 10-20 second a smaller. Sometimes bigger. SOOOOO which is the better to buy ? :::: https://www.pcx.hu/termek/asus-r9-380x-4gb-ddr5-strix-r9380x-4g-gaming-videok-rtya-072165 https://www.pcx.hu/termek/gigabyte-gtx970-4gb-ddr5-gv-n970ttoc-4gd-videok-rtya-314954 The AMD is cheaper, but it looks like the same
  4. Lagging

    Hello ! I dont have a rly bad pc. But i cant play even with the low graphics... I have 6core Amd fx 6300 8gb ram Video card: AMD radeon r7 200 what can i do
  5. I bought the squad leader. But now everything is okay. I wrote to the gmail browser : key. And i found it.
  6. hello! What should i do now ? I still didnt get the key. and i cant make the contact with IrOnTaXi or Litoralis. HELP ME.
  7. Steam and squad.

    u mean playing other games? i still didnt get my key for the game :(
  8. Steam and squad.

    thank u. Now im just waiting my key
  9. Steam and squad.

    Hello guys! i was thinking about the steam and the game. I bought the 70$package yesterday. As u know, the game will be released in the future. How will i get the game on steam, if i bought it now, from this website. I hope i wont have to buy it again.
  10. I bought the 70$ package. What now?

    hey :D Im not hungry :DDDDDDD Im hungarian . But i guess it was a joke
  11. I bought the 70$ package. What now?

    im going to subscribe :D
  12. I bought the 70$ package. What now?

    how long does it take ? at least
  13. I bought the 70$ package. What now?

    Hello. I just bought the game a minute ago. i got an email from paypal, that i bought the squad leader tier. What should i do now ? :D
  14. Instant withdraw by paypal from bank account?

    my classmate sent me
  15. Instant withdraw by paypal from bank account?

    I solved the problem. I need fckin 1 dollar. I dont have this 1 dollar. i have 69 dollar. OOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG