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  1. Recommended Specs For Squad (Video)

    This is great and informative. Thank You!
  2. How will I know if Kickstarter accepted my payment

    Does anyone have any suggestion to what I should do now?
  3. How will I know if Kickstarter accepted my payment

    I got this on the kickstarter website itself but it doesn't look like a conformation of payment
  4. How will I know if Kickstarter accepted my payment

    Does the email come immediately after the end of the kickstarter?
  5. I was curious, I haven't received any sort of email detailing my purchase or charging of my card. All help is appreciated, Tango Mike.
  6. Game Modes

    I think something like the Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm multiplayer campaign mode, in which two teams would fight for territories and the outcomes of those battles would influence the bigger picture, in this case being the campaign, and something like only the battalion or company CO could decide which territory they would choose to attack or defend instead of a vote.
  7. My idea is that your soldier could hold their rifle in a number of different ways that would affect his shooting performance in different ways, for example one type of grip could increase accuracy but it would fatigue you a lot faster and it would expose your sides a lot more like the "C" Clamp grip. All in all it is another opportunity to add more customization to Squad, plus this type of simple concept has not yet been implemented in any other big tactical of FPS shooter out there. Be advised these grips are primarily for the AR15/M16A4 platform and will most likely not work with bullpups, Ak's, SMG's, or LMG's Here are some different ideas for holding the rifle: Thumb in-line with the bore/barrel( "C" Clamp Grip). Often done with an angled fore-grip but is very do-able without. The Thumb Break Grip which does require some sort of vertical fore-grip or hand-stop. The Standard Vertical Fore-Grip.
  8. What Conflict/theater You Want To Be Featured In Squad?

    USA vs. ISIS would be generic, but somewhat realistic.
  9. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    Reminds me somewhat of Takistan from ArmA 2, anyway it looks like a great map.