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  1. Squad_JO [Gameplay Modification]

    yeah thats me This is awesome Jack. Great work and keep at it bud. A lot of people that play squad are old timer delta force players and im sure it will get some play
  2. Squad_JO [Gameplay Modification]

    man i cant wait for this mod Jack. I will religiously play this! Hope everything works out so we can get this puppy rollin!
  3. High VRAM usage crash

    Someone helped me with this problem. Now I can pass on the information! Change your hard drive paging size. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/increase-page-file-size-virtual-memory-windows I changed the value to custom size of 10,000mb in the initial size and max size with those values. Haven't had a problem since. Make sure you verify integrity of files and clear cache in game options. Hope this helps you also!
  4. Alpha 14 Released

    Patch notes are great.
  5. Squad_JO [Gameplay Modification]

    Any updates on this mod?
  6. Unplayable since update

    Try a little bit of overclocking on that cpu. I would even crank up your ram speed and tweak the timing a bit. What brand/model of ram are your running? Turn off all the intel turbo boost and set your cpu multiplier to the turbo max setting. Sounds like your cpu is bogging down, down clocking.
  7. Alpha 10 Released

    Hell yeah. Good job guys!!
  8. [WIP] Dormant Volcano Isle (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    Right On jack. Can’t wait for some testing
  9. V10 Public Test live again!

    Once the code is entered, be sure to click the drop down menu and select NONE, then select public beta. Your download should start up
  10. v10 will come out when its out. Trust, I am anxious for it to come out, but unfortunately I work a full time job 50 hours a week and get to play about 1-2 hours of squad after all the honey do's are done in the afternoon. I still play v9 and love the hell out of it. Its coming soon! right? haha
  11. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/geforce-now/mac-pc/ This may be a game changer. This is interesting.
  12. The Wrench, December 2017

    v10 is only getting closer! Can't wait to see what people are gonna mod up.
  13. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    looks like the shovel will be able to kill people now in one of the vids it shows the guy swinging it
  14. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Uninstalled the game fully and did a fresh install. Performance has went up on my end and load times also.