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  1. We are an objective based group that favors communication and cooperation over superior firepower. Our tight-knit community spans multiple games including Star Citizen and Planetside 2, where many of our tactics have been adapted from. We have existed for over four years and welcome anybody willing to join. All we require is that you have a microphone and are ready to listen and work together. Our Ops Times run Mondays to Saturdays from 4pm to 7pm PST and we are happy to help any newer players who may be having trouble with the game. How many kills or deaths you have at the end of a around matter little to us and we only request that you actively contribute to the team's cause. Please realize that choosing a fire support role places extra responsibilities on you as a player and doesn't just make you a rifleman with a bigger gun. We prefer to have every role in the squad able to do something of use and not just wander off on their own. We are currently in an open recruitment stage; meaning all players who wish to join can do so. Our Discord link will be included below, feel free to join in around ops times and ask a moderator for any help getting started. When you enter just say in the ask-to-gain-access channel that you have been sent by either Kilrim, Chemp, or Bjelland and want to join us for Squad. See you there! Discord Server URL: discord.me/breakout This will take you directly to our Beginner's Kit Channel. Value Life