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  1. Alright, Can't wait for it to get all fixed up.
  2. I actually ended up using the other PC we have in the house that doesn't even have steam installed and I was still getting the red text error.
  3. Okay so I was able to get a better quality picture of the issue I am dealing with this should make it easier for some of you to figure out what is possibly causing this. Steam is not running I have no other servers running on this IP.
  4. Thanks for all the help im just gonna have to come back to this later starting to become frustrating.
  5. Steam = CLOSED Server files from SteamCMD - YES Antivirus - DISABLED The errors that are occurring are: [2016.08.7-21.29.01:942][ 0]LogOnline:Error: OSS: Unable to load Steam online subsystem, please be sure Steam is running [2016.08.7-21.29.01:944][ 0]LogOnline:Error: OSS: As a server, the MultiHome address is bindable, and that another server isn't running on this ip address with either the query port or game port.
  6. It was closed for some reason if i don't click the pop up arrow it stays there. I will try again but I am sure it wasn't open. EDIT: Still getting same error
  7. Okay the command prompt will open up then while starting the command prompt will close with an error i tried my hardest to get a screenshot of it. I have no other IP's running on this port.
  8. Im attempting to start up a server for a bunch of my friends to join and for us to just mess around with. I have set up many servers in the past using SteamCMD and never had any issues like this. Every time I run my batch file I get greeted with this - https://gyazo.com/9eb46c6ecfd60cff2e14a3764d88de4e. I have been digging around for hours trying to find a fix with no success. I already attempted the simple things like restarting your pc, reinstall server, etc. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  9. Can we expect more nations like PR

    Basically I was just wondering if in the future we will start to see more nations in squad? For example, PR had Canada and all sorts of nations I was wondering if we will see that as the game development progresses more?
  10. Help | Soldier always starts to look up

    Thanks I was playing NBA and I had my controller plugged in thanks for all the fast replies. I fixed it! :D
  11. This bug just started happening for me today whenever im moving or standing still my soldier always starts to look up slowly I made a video to show you guys. Every time you see the soldier look up my hand is away from my mouse and it isn't moving in any way. Anyways, here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7p3xaIa07s&feature=youtu.be