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  1. This Games murdering my system...

    i5 4670K, GTX 770, 8GB RAM, no problems what so ever.
  2. Regarding performance, a small test

    I got i5 4670K and GTX 770. Everything on high, view distance epic. No problems what so ever. Absolutely nothing :)
  3. Could it be possible to select a single player from your squad in that menu so that his "green ball" would light up to be white in the map? And I'd find it really helpful to see that who's alive and who's dead in that same menu. On top of that, I'd like to have some sort of text which would tell that who joins and leaves my squad. Oh and it's too hard to identify who's who in the map by placing your cursor on top of his "green ball" because often there's too many player bunched up and the area which one player takes in the map is too large. It's not precise. Thank you for taking your time to answer us to our feedback!
  4. Couple more from me: 3. In Project Reality the CAPS LOCK opens up the squad menu and map which you can zoom and navigate with mouse (way more easier to use than ordinary map). I binded the spawn menu from ENTER to CAPS LOCK in Squad. But when I want to close it I have to navigate with my mouse to close button in the corner of the screen instead of simply closing it with pushing CAPS LOCK again. This is really annoying. Suggestion: Make it possible to open and close the spawn manu with CAPS LOCK but in order to comfirm your spawning point selection you'd have to press ENTER. 4. I find it too hard to access the information about which roles my squad mates are playing and where they are. The UI is a bit too complicated. I know it really is not complicated, but it feels like it. I don't know why. Oh, and today I had massive amount of fun playing! :) Getting more into it.
  5. I love the game so far. I share many of these annoying things you've already adressed but don't have the time to read them all so I'll just state couple of my own: 1. When you tap fire on automatic fire the gun sounds gets all fucked up and play on top of themselves. 2. When you scroll through your weapons your characters pics them up without me making the decision which one I want to take. The character can take out pistol, granade and smoke before reaching field dressing for example. Make it like PR. You scroll, you choose, you click. BOOM!
  6. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Problem with the forested areas in this game is that there needs to be more diversity with the sizes of the trees. The slim tree trunks makes it look too clinical. It looks like it's not natural forest, more like freshly planted young forest. And no, I am not saying that the current state of the game represents the final product. Just making a suggestion.
  7. How old is the Squad community (with stats) ?

    Original poster should change the 10-19 to 10-17 and 18-24 etc. Now we don't have any clue if big chunk of our community is 10 year olds or are they actually adults. The poll is fucked up
  8. Swedish Armed Forces

    This is the finnish army in Afghanistan (8 part doc):
  9. Swedish Armed Forces

    I'd love to see swedes in this game! Actually the finnish army uses a lot of the same equipment the swedes use. Such as the CV90 and Leopard tanks. Too bad we have not yet had the finns in the Project Reality, after all they have the largest army of the scandinavia.
  10. Stat tracking

    Big NO for stat tracking. It makes people play differently, in a bad way.
  11. Manual bolting

    First off, sorry if this has been suggested before. I couldn't find it from the search. To the subject. Please add manual bolting to bolt-action rifles like in Red Orchestra. What this means is that after firing a round you click the fire button again to recycle a new round into the chamber. Simple. Makes playing bolt-action rifles much more effective and would be really helpful for snipers.
  12. Stat tracking

    Stats affect the way you play the game. I absolutely hate it in Red Orchestra 2.
  13. Tracked Vehicle Controls

    Take your time and read my post with patience. Yeah, the combination could work too. If you've played Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 you are familiar of aiming with the WASD, it is precise and fast, yet more challenging than aiming with the mouse. Moving forward: Increase the throttle by pressing the button W for the desired speed (full control to your moving speed). Press buttons Q and E simultaneously. Stopping the vehicle: Press space bar for a fast stop or decrease the throttle with the button S or let go of the track control keys (the motor will do the braking). Turning right: Press the button W for the desired amount of throttle. Press the button Q to move the left track forward and the button D to move the right track backwards. How is this overly complicated? When you are not pressing buttons Q, A, E or D . The vehicle doesn't move even though you'd turned the throttle up (simulating the use of clutch). When you increase or decrease the amount of throttle, it stays in the position where you leave it (like in Red Orchestra). Making it easy just concentrate to steering.
  14. Tracked Vehicle Controls

    Hi, I suggested this same idea to the developers of the Festung Europa game. So here we go: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Had this idea a long time ago when thinking of tank controls with keyboard. Tanks should be heavy and clumsy, and not like RC cars like in some games. So I thought why not control each track on its own and throttle on its own? This way you'd have realistic control over your tank and you could make it move more like a real tank instead of driving forward and backward and steering it like a car. I invented this control system: So with W and S you control the amount of your throttle, this way you can move really slow or fast (full control over the speed). With Q and A you control your left side track, Q making it move forward and A making move backward. And with E and D you control your right side track, like in above. Just like in real a tank now you can do fast spins and move accurately. Space bar could act as a handbreak for quick stops. Arrow buttons (or WASD) are for the tank gunner to move the turret, I think there should be no mouse control over turret to make it more challenging (especially when infantry is around). If you've played Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 you are already familiar with controlling the turret with keyboard only. Then if a manual ranging system is needed the Q and E keys could be used to dial in the range when in the gunner seat. What do you think? Realistic and challenging, ain't that what we all love the most?