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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

  2. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Exciting news ! Great to see a first shot about the UK since those are the ones I'm waiting for. I just hope it's a " preview " subject to change since UK forces doesn't use those kneepads ( at least, it's not issued ) and the PRR should always be on the left side since they are all right handed users.
  3. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    I'm all wet.. and it's not from water.
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Worked like a charm, thanks
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Test. Well, It says ' you successfully linked your account " then it sends me back here with nothing new...
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Lovely ! can't wait to try it
  7. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Great ! Gonna listen to that after work
  8. February 2016 Recap

    Those animations... sweet jesus !
  9. Alpha 4 Released

    I'm feeling sweaty
  10. Added steam server browser support

    Nice I was tired to update the list all over and over
  11. Alt + Tab lockup.

    Well, yeah but... happens to me in a lot of game. Just don't alt-tab during loading maybe?
  12. Hey guys, A little topic just to say thanks for the Azerty keybinding without going throught the config file. I know it's a small thing but people most of the time comes here to complain so I felt like that saying " thanks " wouldn't be a bad thing for once. ( and it's still a feeback since I'm happy about it no? ) Keep up the great work. Now you'll excuse me, I gotta play a game called SQUAD ( ever heard of it? it's great, you should try it )
  13. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    Sorry, I didn't read all the topic but my two cents : If people are giving up so easily it's mainly because at the moment, it's quicker and easier to respawn. With the amount of fobs and the size of the map or even the RP that can be spawn everywhere almost all the time well... they are just like " f*ck it, I'll just respawn " I'm not saying it's right, since I'm a medic player, but I can understand their thinking
  14. Kill counting

    Yup, Headshots are definitive
  15. What job do you got?

    Well, you guys got some " manly " jobs... I'm a nurse and I love it.