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  1. Sat. 29 Oct 2016 Alpha 8 Play Test Feedback

    The Russian Rilfeman with the optic has a bug with its player model texture in first person as well as some US models having the front sight post of their M4 appear on thier feet. Also, when selecting the desert skin for the US grenadier, when switching to the m203 the weapon turns to its default flat black instead of the camo spray color.
  2. TXAA Ghosting

    TXAA has a nasty ghosting effect when on. You can really notice it while looking left or right with your weapon. Depending on what you are facing determines weather it will ghost or not.
  3. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    Personally excited to see when shotguns and the new insurgent models will be coming in! Keep up the solid work! Most progressive EA dev team around.
  4. Title. Curious as to what your guys plans are for new classes that will be added to the game(as well as new weapons), and when they might be released. Thanks!
  5. Founder Weapon Skins

    How do we activate them this build?
  6. V6 Hype!

  7. Next Major Update

    Got em.
  8. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    Amazing. Will be have to Opt in for the pre-stable Update?
  9. V6 Hype!

    Should be a juicy update! Been waiting for V6 since V5 came out!
  10. V6 Hype!

    OH shit this thread is still alive? Hype.
  11. V6 Hype!

    Shit. I've been in Quantico training for the past week.
  12. V6 Hype!

    As the month begins to come to a close, it's about the time folks will be speculating and lurking the forums and Reddit like no other. Please condense all memes, speculation and hypetrains in this thread! Thanks! P.S. HYPE!
  13. Well, the RPK has much better suppression capabilities due to it having the bi pod, longer barrel, and added weight. This give that weapon much better control at full auto at all stances to papper targets that an AK74U would have at full auto. Its just more about variety than anything, just a small, yet cool feature that could be added.
  14. Title. Gives them a bit more of an edge, and would make people a little bit more wanting to play those roles often. Thanks.