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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    PM'd you.
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    for anyone with two emails - look for the email titled Squad Backer Perks & Soundtrack. I got mine in the end of April. Use that key to activate on Steam, and then link your account on here. Voila, you're set.
  3. FOB Placement Basics for AAS

    Nah, that's why it's a good idea to deshovel it by it's own team so you can avoid losing those 10 tickets. It's a nice tactic to keep the enemies guessing, but you have to stay on top of rallies if your squad is dependent upon spawning at the FOB.
  4. Always a pleasure playing those coordinated games!
  5. Same! It was a blast (literally)!! Great game, and seriously, thanks again for bringing it.
  6. New GPU advice. 980ti?

    I had the very same question back in August. Only I went with the 980 because I do not use anything higher than 1080p. So if you're going to use higher resolutions (I don't have higher than a 1080p monitor), then get the Ti. If not, I'd go with the 980. 1440, yeah do it! 980 Ti will be a win.
  7. anyone else going to be playing Overwatch?

    hey man, it's free beta weekend! everyone with a bnet account has access. so give it a try if you were interested.
  8. I've searched the Feedback section and did not find anything pertaining to my idea. So here is a new thread! I know this isn't Arma or Insurgency, but when I play those games I frequently use the 'walk' feature while ADS. This keeps my gun ready and my aim fairly steady. I feel that the 'walk' feature is virtually unnoticeable when used. The walking pace does not seem that much slower than the jogging pace. So in my eyes, at the moment this feature is not that useful. I would like to see a significant drop in the walking speed so that I have more control of my rifle while I move slowly through a compound or foliage. And to add - so that less Alt+Tabs happen, I would like to see a 'walk toggle' feature like both games I mentioned have. I could change the scoreboard key, but the point is I don't see it too unreasonable to click the alt key again to enable and disable walking. Some might say this pace would be too slow and get one killed. But from my perspective, if my weapon is ready and steady I will have the jump on someone jogging around a corner while I am walking. Just my $0.02, hope this helps!
  9. Copy that, I'll search around and read up on it. I bought Squad the weekend of the Halloween update and remember all the discussion about invincible sandbags not being taken down. The hotfix took care of that, as the day I was describing in my previous post had soldiers on the outside of the entrances with shovels taking down bags while others covered them.
  10. Fast Swap Primary to Secondary

    I searched this thread for the word "sling", specifically. Did not find anything. Just to play devil's advocate here. Couldn't SLs have their rifle on a sling to drop their rifle and remove their sidearm quickly? Sure you can rock your nuts, but you can adjust the slack so it won't drop as far.
  11. Just one thing I'll mention. Played as insurgents the other day, we had barricaded our FOB in the capture point right after the North Bridge (I believe). Long story short, our sandbags did keep the US from coming in. However, it did not prevent them from spamming grenades over the wall. We lost by over 300 tickets from respawning into the grenade spam, and even couldn't hold them from a win when falling back to the old point. Yeah the sandbags can be ridiculous, but there is also a way to still lose if a team decides to create what you're describing.
  12. Ramloy, reporting!

    Played about 6 or 7 matches last night, and whoa! Squad will be incredible, I can feel it. I know it's just alpha. But, hot damn! This game is so immersive! I come from years of playing ArmA (really, Operation Flashpoint). So, I appreciate this game much more because it has all the tactical and realism elements the OFP/ArmA series has. But, my favorite element is that we can just jump in and play. There is no "hurrying up to wait" like I've seen in other milsim type games. I backed a real winner here. I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. Especially knowing it only gets better. p.s. The pumpkin heads suck :rolleyes: it was fun until I noticed everyone switching servers to avoid it. That, and it made me an even easier target.
  13. Ohhhhh snap! I finally got the paycheck with a portion of it saved for Squad Alpha. I AM SO EXCITED! If only my internet was faster. See you out there boys! Ruff!