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  1. AE-3465 (Dominguez) (DOM)

    So it has been 2 years and now we are getting a 240 and PKM. . . . . .what a time to be alive.
  2. Founders AK 74 (SKIN) Possible AKM (SKIN) ?

    All they need are the first strike stickers on them lol
  3. Hello I am a 3 Month Vet of SQUAD, and i am enjoying the Fuck out of it. It is cool to see people who would not think to do so, take over a 9 man Element and lead them into combat. I am Missing My girl the m240B but i am sure she will make an appearance. In any case the game is great in its current stage, things can only go up from here.
  4. Squad so far?

    Love that anyone can be the SL.