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  1. Upcoming Tournaments

    you can always check https://www.squadfrontlines.com/faq
  2. Upcoming Tournaments

    and here we go, SSL fixed! i just noticed that things look funny on FF, ill add it on my todo list!
  3. Upcoming Tournaments

    Exactly like it Yea, my SSL certificate is not properly installed it seems, its an issue on firefox and mobile, it should be fixed soon!
  4. Do you use Semi or Auto?

    Full auto all the time, just pinch off 1 round on full auto when you have targets at great distance
  5. January

  6. Flight Waypoints

    Hey guys, I know this is one of the suggestions that needs to be looked at in months from now but here we go Id like to see that every member of the CAS/Transport squad can put their own waypoints on the map and not only the squadleader. This could be combined with squadleader markers (2 markers on 1 map) that need to be accepted (like how the commander can give orders to the squadleaders) this should make flying to destinations allot clearer and also be a bit more realistic although im sure that for pr wanted this but couldnt because of the bf2 engine limitation thoughts?
  7. Console (maybe Mobile) Versions.

    sorry kid, pc masterrace only i do like the idea of an extra map on the tablet or a second screen
  8. Dynamic Destruction

    i believe that falls under the same category as creating holes in walls (very server intensive) i could be wrong though
  9. Dynamic Destruction

    Awesome! Well i did apply to be on the team so who knows we might be sharing those ideas more in the future
  10. Class Training

    time tracking sounds like something that could turn into a very frustrating really fast tbh. i would rather do it like this:make 2 kind of servers, a easy and hard mode server (dont laugh at the names its to keep it simple ) easy mode would be comparable to: less than 10 hours ingame, hard mode everything above 10 hours ingame. simultaneously i would love to see a training map with basically a fire range, dummy wooden soldiers that destroy and respawn when shot (great way to get the hang of weapon ranges) and this could include tank courses, jets the whole bang. hell it could be in single player mode so there is no server costs but like unfrail said, there will be allot of road to cover before this is an option
  11. Dynamic Destruction

    this might be slightly off topic but it falls kind of under interaction something id like to see for infantry is a way to digg in; almost every soldier has a shovel, it would be great if you could whip that out and dig yourself a make-shift fox hole that provides a "some" cover another option is the same as the rallypoint where you drop your backpack in front of you which could give some advantages as better accuracy or a bit of concealment but not cover since its only a backback i modded that feature in back in battlefield 1942 and it was basically the abillity to drop a sandbag and was pretty popular feature
  12. Class Training

    well you might not need it while others do, im just suggesting this to make the possible playerbase larger by making the learncurve less high I would imagine that allot of the mechanics would not change and that for example a quick 10min class on how to be a SL or a commander would be very benificial for the overall gameplay
  13. Class Training

    id like to discuss an idea that would make the learning curve of squad allot lower. i propose that we include a small singleplayer training course (think of america's army) for each class so that new players will have a basic understanding of the games mechanicsthis could replace the giant manual and make getting into the game allot smoother
  14. How Is This Different From Insurgency? (map Size)

    well the argument remains, its two very different games, one is a total all out war game, the other is infantry based game so its only natural that the maps are as well very different