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  1. Agreed, I had already posted about seeing players switching sides to find our teams rally / fob then jumping back to then camp and kill spawning players. I do hope they introduce something to lock team switching soon. I would also like to see some way of kicking players within your team, such as a team vote, either that or we need some active admins because this could become quite toxic as it doesn't take many dickheads to ruin the game for the many.
  2. Rather than have names next to the icon, lets be honest some names are way too long, others simply unpronounceable ( even on a good day ), I would suggest having a number for each man in the squad. It would allow everyone to quickly call out to the medic that they had been hit, the medic can look at the map find where that number is and start heading that way. It would also massively help squad leaders give orders to other squad members, i.e. Squad leader ( being no.1 ) - "2 and 4, cover the doorway at E2" or "3, you have enemy NE of your posistion". Rather than at the SL having to look at the map, hover over to get their names then stare at the map for about 2 minutes, trying to work out how to prononce your name! Dont believe me?... I just copy and pasted these from the forum name list..Try saying most of them in a hurry! PzRSpeRRe, Qasiermo, Qm1.Coste, Quacken, Quantico, Quingen, Quinzo, r0tzbua, R3DCLAW, r3volution, Rabbit, Radikaali, Rafael.Capri, rage, Raidmaxxx, Rainmaker, RaJaN, Raklödder
  3. Stance Indicator

    Agreed, I was actually meaning when people repeatedly shout Medic and just clogs up the radio. Sorry should have made myself clearer.
  4. Good to hear, thanks for your efforts, its already an awesome game, It will only get better!
  5. Switching Teams - Issue

    Well it happened last night and was certainly the first time I had noticed this. Bottom line is, yes at the moment you can swop teams as many times as you like ( or so it seems, not sure if the timeout increases every time you do it ). It would be easier to just shut off the swop functionality though. I would also agree that I have seen many simply awful spots for FOBS and rally points, last nights locations weren't bad at all, in fact they really were quite well placed, which led me to the conclusion that this was certainly a possibility.
  6. Switching Teams - Issue

    Hey, OK this came up last night with some people on my squad suggesting the reason why our FOB's kept getting found and over-run was due to players abusing the "swap team" button. It would seem that players were coming onto our side, checking out the locations of our FOB's/Rally points then jumping back to the other side. I have checked and theres nothing ( other than a spawn delay ) to stop you doing this. So my question is, can measures be taken to try and limit this type of exploit ( by locking the swap teams button once a game is running maybe? ). Its a sad fact that there will always be people out to ruin the experience of others and I realise there is only so much you can do to prevent it, but just wanted to rasie it as a concern.
  7. Yes, unhelpful responses are just...un helpful! I'd just posted on another thread about having an indicator on the map for wounded persons. Here are my thoughts: The current system is not easy to use - fact! Those saying "its meant to be hard, you need to communicate", well yes, upto a point I would agree. However what I have seen in the weeks I've been playing is that it is quite hard to describe to someone where you are, yes you can give a map ref but in the heat of battle its hard for the medic to then pull up the map and work out whos been injured and where they are. I'm certainly not advocating a permanent mini map, I wouldnt even want the injured icon for all to see, just the medics ( unless it was simpler programing wise, to provide an injured marker for all ) and its no less realistic than having a wounded indicator appear over someones body, now is it? Lastly, it would hopefully stop those players that just keep shouting "MEDIC" over the squad radio without giving their location when they are injured!
  8. Stance Indicator

    Arma3 has a very good ( and clean ) HUD, which has a very simple yet informative stance indicator. While we are talking about the HUD I would aslo like to see a couple of other things... I would like to have the coms speaking indicator moved to the top right and to stay on screen a little longer. Also the map - to have a wounded person be marked on it. Realsitic? No but neither is having a wounded icon appear over a player, it would also seriously cut down the radio chatter with people calling ( and sometimes really annoyingly scream "MEDIC" - yes that does get old very quickly, especially when they dont articulate their actual posistion! )
  9. No bugs as such. Just noticed my FPS have gone down dramatically since the last patch ( or so it would seem ) . Going onto an empty map is better ( but not much fun... ) Even a half filled server seems to have dropped my FPS in half, ( from around 35-40 to 20 ).
  10. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Yes that would truly be awesome, while your at it ( As with Dayz ) could you take all the money you got from backers and go off and start developing the game on another platform, then take what was a very enjoyable mod and tear it apart, make it unplayable, remove all the major assets ( the zombies ) due to performance reasons and introduce some flowers we can cook up in a pot then have a 95% probability of dying of food posioning, now thats realsism buddy!!!... yeah sure sounds like a damn fine plan to me... ;)
  11. Map up Always with multiple monitors?

    I run 3 screens, and the map will appear on the right hand monitor if I bring up the map. Its just the same function as with one screen, other than with 3 screens the map just appears on the right which wont obscure your whole vision. Personnaly, I dont think it gives a massive advantage over someone with only 1 monitor. If you run with it always on, you still have a fair bit of your vision obscured. Also what advantage do you get? You can't see enemy on the map. It might give you a bit better situational awareness as to where your next objective is or where your team mates are, but that would be it. Also if you want to take the chance that there might be enemy right where the map is located, well rather you than me!
  12. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    That is really awesome to hear! It reminded me about seeing this guy ( well his avatar ) playing Rainbow Six ( the original ). In the game you could upload your own patch that would go on your characters arm. Most people had skulls, or their clan badge but this guy had a blue disabled persons badge, which I thought a bit odd but then found out that the guy was actually disabled, but while in game could run, jump and do things that he could sadly never do in real life! Gamming can really be a positive experience sometimes! Hadi, I salute you!
  13. Kits, Roles, Limits and Steam launch

    Looks good and sounds a reasonable way to promote team play.
  14. Enjoying viewing everyone's efforts. "Chance", I like your design very much. Not a fan of the faded border though. I think a solid black border ( possibly doubled lined ) would look better. The Task Force Black logo is also kinda getting lost in the overall image. It might be better to have the areas where the logos go be faded out? By having the logos area faded it would allow any logo to drop in there without worrying about it being too similar with the background.
  15. A modification to the desktop icon

    Yeah I have a dark background and this is a simple yet elegant solution for us. Many thanks!