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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    And the pre-Steam release founders
  2. This kind of pip for the scopes kills your fps. I think it was implemented at very early stages of alpha (or maybe just in some promo video prior to alpha) but developers decided not to use it because of the huge impact on fps. No online shooter like this uses it, not even ARMA, which is an infantry sim. The only game I play that uses it is Escape from Tarkov: It´s awesome, but also demanding in terms of fps and skill (at first it´s a bit tricky to aim properly with magnified scopes). EFT is an online game but the number of simultaneous players is 3-9 + IA, which spawns periodically, and the size of the map and draw distances are smaller than they are on SQUAD.
  3. Spanish Squad

    Me gustaría unirme, que escuchando en inglés me defiendo, pero cuando tengo que informar de algo se me traba la lengua cosa mala jejejeje. ¿A qué hora soléis jugar? Salu2.
  4. Hi all. I´m from Spain and love military simulations, so became a backer was just a matter of time XD. I´ve been following the development since It´s very beginning and, finally, I can put my hands on it. See you in the Battlefield.