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  1. Assistant Rifleman Class

    And behold it's coming to the game! I don't know if this post was seen but either way it's coming so huzzah!
  2. Just a short one, I usually prefer running irons and it seems this patch the bog standard iron sight rifleman is gone. I'm assuming this may be temporary until the weapon customisation comes in however?
  3. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    If you are a medic your main priority should be on wounded and downed players not on combat though. In Squad the medic's are pretty much at healing 24/7 and they should be the last to go into CQB situations where full auto may be needed. Even then on semi you can tap very fast and still have a crazily high fire rate.
  4. Squad Compilation - V10 Is Here

    Hey all, thought I'd come here again after a few months as I decided to throw together a compilation of some rounds on V10 so far again set to music. So far the update has been fantastic and I have got a crazy amount of footage. Enjoy
  5. Alpha 10 Public Test

    It's all expected, the unresponsive controls are just part of the beta version of the update. Bipod placement will be a hard thing to solve. ARMA has the same problem.
  6. Alpha 10 Public Test

    It's amazing how much this update has changed the game. It is/was truly worth waiting for. Plis, keep beta going. Can't go back to V9 ; _ ; and there are already quite a few non-official servers which are hosting V10 so serverspace should be a-plenty.
  7. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    Guys you are mixing categories here. The Javelin is a "Heavy" Anti-Tank weapon, it can fall under that category due to penetrative capability, cost, actual weight (who'da thought, but mainly penetration capacity). The MAAW's Carl Gustav is a "Medium" Anti-Tank weapon designed for as you guessed it, medium armoured vehicles or against heavy but with potentially some difficulty) I hope that Squad adopts the PR standpoint and has the 3 levels of AT, limited throughout the team. LAT's (like in real life, at least with the US Army) would be carried in most squads. You'd then have anti-tank specific squads or weapons squads that would carry heavy support weapons like the medium anti-tank launchers and medium machineguns and then a HAT team (specifically a team (4 people or so) rather than a full 9 man squad.
  8. This was posted in a recent thread by a dev:
  9. Where are the knifes? Cmon!

    While this is still in development and testing, is a handheld knife likely to rule out bayonets? Nothing cooler than fixing bayonet's in PR as the British. Pssst, what about a cool key where you can attach it (provided it is a bayonet) to your rifle. Further range/power?
  10. Assistant Rifleman Class

    Hmmm, going to investigate Core Inventory more then, fair enough if it is. But I didn't realise Core Inventory upgrade was going to do this kind of stuff.
  11. Assistant Rifleman Class

    You could argue the magic ammo box is just a normal ammo bag carried by a soldier without specifying what was in it. For example someone could be an assistant rifleman in-game and as soon as they are paired with an AR they are made an assistant autorifleman as if they were already carrying ammo boxes for an AR (rather than being magic belts.) The way to fix that I guess would then mean a dedicated assistant role like you said but it seems unnecessary and would probably be overwhelming to new players or old. It all depends on if you think the FOB resupply boxes are magic ammo too though.
  12. APC driver view

    (Watch as this triggers the masses) I'd love to see a Battlefield 3/4 (and now War Thunder) style thing where they made it a mostly 2d view slit but gave it a 3d feel and as you turned your view it was like getting up real close to the glass and looking out the sides.
  13. Hi everyone, thought I'd come and give one of quite a few suggestions that have been on my mind since Squad's release. I think especially from PR players this will be a fairly agreed upon feature however my method of implementation is a little different. So as it stands rifleman are starting to get some love (which is fantastic and I hope we see more) in the means of getting single deployables like the sandbag wall. Right now a fairly big problem that exists is that of being able to only resupply at FOB's (unless the cheesey, deploy fob > deploy ammo then destroy thing is still going to be in the foreseeable feature). Back in Project Reality every rifleman had an ammo kit which gave ammo to anyone who stood over it and it was very limited which worked fairly well. However it's understandable that having every rifleman being able to carry ammo could make fob resupply redundant so I propose we add a new non-support class which is an Assistant Rifleman. In many (probably most) real world armed forces down at squad or fireteam level you will have assistants whether they be automatic rifleman assistants or assistant anti-tank gunners and their job is to carry extra munitions for their respective role. Now in Squad having a different assistant class for each is not necessary and would clutter the spawn menu. Instead having a Assistant Rifleman that carries a depleting ammo box, could then be an assistant of anyone including rifleman or grenadiers (however read the further detail part below for a potential expansion) and the number of assistant's like the supports could be scaled based on how many people are in the squad. For example a squad of 4 can only have one assistant but a full squad could have 2. With a role like this you can easily have a more dedicated squad such as anti-tank or fire support without having "unfair" rifleman with ammo or being forced to retreat to a fob as soon as you run empty. This separate role could probably be removed in the eventuality of kit customisation but we will have to see how that works. The way the ammo box would work is different to PR and this is for good reason so bear with me. The ammo box would be placed similar to sandbags, but would come constructed and it would use the resupply menu similar to the current FOB resupply boxes but without the ability to change kits. The ammo box would have a set number of resources and inside you would have an option to choose between each munition of a squad and each press would give you one. So inside you could take: Pistol Mag Rifle Mag Autorifleman Mag Marksman Mag Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade (Probably just white smoke as it's used on most classes) Then you'd have the bigger supports which would cost more supply (maybe even having their own type of ammo box, so the assistant would carry two types?) Rocket/Tube (Yes I know disposable LAT's wouldn't fit but ignore that) Machinegunner Mag Mine/IED/C4 Grenade Launcher Rounds (Whatever new toys come later in development) So based on how much supply there is, you could choose a single rocket/tube for your LAT and then maybe a few magazines or you could choose two rockets/tubes and deplete it. The goal of the ammo box is to either resupply everyone slightly with the essentials or choose to resupply your special kits. The benefit this system has over the old Project Reality system is that ammo is not accidentally taken or given to the wrong unit and you can specify what you need rather than PR's (random method?) so now you/squad lead could choose who had what and if needed be you could resupply based on your situation, e.g. destroying armour, assaulting compound, etc. *Edit* I did try making a concept image but it looked horrible so I scrapped it but if anyone is good with that kind of stuff, the idea I had in mind was just the same UI as the build menu/ammo resupply. If anyone ever played Left 4 Dead the idea I had in my head for the ammo box itself was like that.
  14. After recording a lot when the last big update came around I decided to finally put the footage to use in another compilation set to music with the same cinematic style as my last one. I present to you Yo_'re F_cked (Might need to do a name change.)
  15. August 2017 Recap

    I'd imagine that hopefully this new inventory system will give some minor customisation abilities rather than picking pre-defined kits like we do currently. Especially with the ability to zero iron sights coming in, it will hopefully at least bring the ability to remove optics from every class. On a side note I'm really hoping we see a server option for no magnified optics once a system like this is implemented..