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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Cheers !
  2. FREE Squad access (crowdfunded)

    We can just pick one and paypal them , would be easier .
  3. FREE Squad access (crowdfunded)

    Willing to top up another 5$ . Great idea .
  4. Said no Squad Leader ever!

    " The **** am i supposed to do ? " pretty much what i've been hearing recently lol
  5. Sounds good. Where do i sign ? ;)
  6. Great game today !

    Just wanted to say we have multiple games today , which all of them were amazing ! I can see this game is going in the right direction ! totally loving 3.0 , looking forward seeing more updates like this one in the near future ! couple of shots from todays match
  7. Suicide.....

    Well that wont be a good idea since imagine theres a glitch that gets the player stuck under the terrain or sth and he alrdy used all his 3 dying wishes ? lol
  8. What job do you got?

    Cable Car Technician at the Israeli Nature and Park Authority
  9. Hello all :D

    Welcome m8
  10. sorry in advance if this offends anyone...

    IMO , nothing will bring back the old AA2 gameplay and feel as it was the main game and the one that nailed it when looking for a tactical teamplay game. Those were the days where tactical gaming realy meant something . I can understand the OP completely , and i'm hoping aswell to see this game being more and more tactical realistic one.
  11. ARE YOU READY FOR SQUAD? - SQUAD Gameplay Trailer

    Nicey done ! 1:13 almost had his head popped off lmao !
  12. Finally made an account...

    Whalecum ! I'm sure you will enjoy and have a blast in SQUAD . looking forward seeing you on the battlefield !
  13. The amount of lonewolves has risen!

    Im my honest opinion , Lonewolves are not and will not be something we can avoid or expect to be vanished because of the simple logic that you simply can not obligate one to play as a Squad or deny him from having an RPG kit or a Sniper one . The main solution for it , and perhaps if we want to subtract it , is by limiting the amount of kits the entire team can have based on amount of players in the team or by the amount of squad members there are in the open squad ( limit it with a squad amount teams required to receive it ) Its abit tricky , but its managable lads .