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  1. Sylvester Stallone attacks the storage site

    I'll be sure to do that, thanks mate! :D
  2. Felt like a more tactically intelligent Rambo while doing this. Tough fight for the storage, never forget to use your grenades people!
  3. Combat Report 10/28/2015

    Nice job man. I gotta say one thing that I've seen about Squad so far that irks me is that you can't use a rocket without expecting to get hit with rockets in return. It's like, team A shoots their rocket at the enemy and hits close to them, then the LAT on team B realizes "oh damn, I have one of those too" and pulls it out and shoots back. 90% of the time I've been in firefights this will happen.
  4. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I voted for another European army, mainly because I feel like they'd add the best variety. Germany would be nice but since I couldn't include England with the poll choice I'd vote for them as well if I could. If we add in the Marines I feel like they wouldn't be unique enough compared to the US Army, so it wouldn't feel very different. And it goes the same for if there is another insurgent group, 99.9% of insurgents use AKs and AK style weapons. They'd still feel and play the same as the current insurgents that are in the game.
  5. Wiping out a US Rally Point

    Happened today! Wiped out a US rally point with the trusty ol' AK74. 6 or 7 Kills in all, pretty damn proud of myself! Sorry for the disgusting coughs, I'm still getting over a nasty cold