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  1. I'm not really familiar with surplus gear. Is surplus gear essentially old army gear that's sold off and then resold by gun shops and the like? Or is it privately made gear made in the style of military uniforms but with alterations? Or a mix of both.
  2. Hypothetically (I don't want to get bogged down in the question of why) let's say you have a large force of American troops that want/need to change/alter their uniforms or use an alternative uniform from the currently issued ones they have. This would be for the purpose of distinguishing them from the standard uniform. How would/could this be done? Would dyeing be an option/a way to go, would the uniforms have to be cut up and altered somehow? The objective is that at a distance you can tell they are not standard US troops. I presume Syrian troops who left the government's army and rebelled had to do something similar; does anyone know how they distinguish themselves on the battlefield without having to scrap their original gear completely? In an era long begone uniforms used bold/strong colours as a signifier, but in an era of camouflage I'm afraid I'm ignorant of how this would work out.
  3. Well I would imagine that regardless of what the name of your Squad is, after a certain number of people join your squad the crewman role will be unlocked, and I won't expect it to be a number higher than 3 men in the Squad. At least that's how it would be based on how Squad currently is, but that could rapidly change. I mean the Devs could add a toggle at the squad creation screen that allows you to designate your Squad as being a vehicle crew. But if they add they might have to add a cooldown or something for it to prevent noobs rushing to make vehicle squads.
  4. In PR the etiquette of vehicles was that, say for a Tank, 4 guys join a squad called "TANK BOYZ", lock it, and they're accepted as the dedicated Tank guys for that round. Part of that was because spaces inside vehicles in PR was limited. In Squad however, spaces will be beyond the hard limit of 8 PR had. With vehicles just around the corner for Squad; I know initially things will be chaos as every Jabronie will try to rush the heavy vehicles. But for those of us who take Squad seriously; how are we planning on handing the distribution of vehicles? How should it be decided whose on Tanks, whose on Helicopters, and how big their accompanying Squads are? Logistics trunks, I think, might be the big difference between PR and Squad: From what I understand most of the time Logistic Trunks in PR are under governance of CAS. However in Squad Trunks might have 9 or 10 spaces inside, meaning an entire, independent Squad could grab one and take it were they want it. And since Logistic Trunks will be in high demand in other to place FOBs, it'll be interesting to see how that whole aspect plays out. I don't have much experience with PR so some of you are going to need to school me. But the question remains how the serious community handles how vehicles should be distributed.
  5. One of these is not like the other. And hint: It's 4chan.
  6. Why US vs Milita?

    Why does there need to be a storyline reason why USA is fighting East European rebels? The more variety in the battles the better, and if the players want a reason why the two forces are facing off they can invent one in their own mind. There's no single player campaign and there's no overarching story to these battles (at least not now) so I don't see any reason why all factions can't face off against each other. Israel and USA are staunch allies in real life but I don't think that, for example, should be any barrier to USA vs Israel battles in the game. It's all fiction any way, you can invent any reason (more or less) you like for the two to turn on each other.
  7. So this has happened to me a few times now: 1. Someone without a mic makes a squad during the deployment peroid 2. A bunch of people join said squad, including myself 3. It becomes apperently SL doesn't have a mic and only made the squad out of stupid impatience 4. I say "Someone with a mic should probably be SL" 5. The guy will give it to me because I said it first 6. I don't actually want to be a SL because I'm too green to be doing it 7. We do shit and/because 75% of my team doesn't talk, causing me over-depend on those who do. It's noob week, I know this time will pass, but it sucks when my Squad is being badmouthed at the end of round scoreboard and I'm like "I didn't even want to be SL, I just said someone with a mic should lead". I mean if I had it my way it'd always be someone from PR leading me, not my green ass trying to haul silent rookies around the map. I don't want to try and link people not talking with Americans, but I have found that 10am to 3pm GMT are the best hours so far for people who talk, and those who talk happen to be Europeans.
  8. Over 500 players in game!?! <>

    Now the americans are awaken even getting on an English speaking server is hard.
  9. Who is the target audience?

    Gay furries, obviously.
  10. Next faction(s)?

    I understand you don't want to be bogged down in having to create a million factions. I'm just suggesting as a more practical thing that the great models you've already done be kept in some fashion rather than just disregarded. I mean call them whatever you like, I'm just saying there's no reason to throw anyway perfectly good models that will help add variety to the game.
  11. Next faction(s)?

    Why not do a split of sorts? Keep the current Insurgents and rename them Taliban, and keep the models you're working on and call either give them the Insurgents name or call them Syrian rebels.
  12. Camo Problem: russians - militia

    Oh my god that's hilarious.
  13. National Guard units

    There seems to be a lot of semantics about it, but from what I can make out on Wikipedia the National Guard is considered both simultaneously a militia and a reserve force for the US Army. The difference between the National Guard and State Guards being that the National Guard can be "federalized", that is to say taken from the individual state and put under control of the country and folded into the US Army, while legally this cannot be done with the State Guard. They must remain under control of the governor.
  14. National Guard units

    Thanks, that's the answer I was looking for. It's really interesting that each state still has nominal control over their National Guard troops. I really don't foresee any issue that would ever again cause a civil war in America but it's really interesting *in theory* that a governor could muster troops more loyal to the state or the governor than the Federal Government, troops who have the same training and arms as the regular army.
  15. National Guard units

    @Annoying Rooster I'm not talking about privately run Militias, I'm talking about the National Guard in the United States, which are run and funded by the government, and from what I read are under the command of the State Governor until/less the President calls upon them for something. I'm talking about the National Guard that comprised 40% of the US Army in WW2, and of which a portion served in Iraq as well. The National Guard is still classed as a Militia though despite it's ties to the Government, maybe that's where the confusion is.