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  1. As you said, communication in Squad is key, therefore these squads will always perform better than when you force them to speak another language. Why do you care what language other squads communicate in? Just don't join those squads if you don't speak their language. As long as all SLs understand the command channel I don't see any problem. Also these squads tend to occur mostly on servers located in the respective counties (i.e. "GER MIC" squads on Germany-based servers). So you want to prohibit the owners from speaking their own language on a server they pay for? That would be ridiculous.
  2. Focus Zoom

    Have you tested that? This doesn't work for me at all, the focus is completely ignored and the game only goes to ads. There are also some inherent problems with that: It won't work for click-to-toggle on ads, only for hold, and as you already mentioned it will also hold your breath, which you only want to do when you are about to engage.
  3. Focus Zoom

    I understood his post as "people complained before and people complain now", so I meant you could let them decide between the two. Maybe I didn't clarify that enough.
  4. Focus Zoom

    If you can choose between zoom on ads and zoom on focus, there is no clear disadvantage, it's a trade-off. You can either stay zoomed in longer without having to hold your breath or have a wider FOV for better peripheral vision in CQC, depending on your personal preference. You could even switch it ingame, to fit your current situation. Don't see what's the problem here...
  5. Your title is a bit misleading, "speech recognition" refers to a system understanding spoken language and translating it to text. The feature you talk about is generally called "voice activation" and there are plenty of threads about that already: There are some responses from devs in there as well.
  6. Focus Zoom

    Yeah I remember that the Devs commented on it a long time ago. But if they would have considered it to be unrealistic, they would have removed it completely and not bound it to hold breath. It's also still on the pistol ADS, just very subtle. So make it an option and let the players decide themselves - problem solved. (Edit to clarify: choose between zoom on ads and zoom on focus )
  7. Focus Zoom

    The zoom represents focusing on the center of your field of vision, where the "resolution" of your eye is much higher than in your peripheral vision. It's not unrealistic, it is just a workaround for the limitations of a monitor with a uniform grid of pixels. Therefore I agree with OP, focusing should not be tied to holding breath. I understand the argument of CQC, but in these cases you can always shoot without aiming down the sights. They could designate another keybind like in Arma, but I would understand if the Devs don't want that either. So if I had the choice, I would tie it to ADS. But as this is a controversial topic and down to personal preference, they could make it an option in the settings and let each player decide which one they want to use.
  8. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    if your whole team does that, you will lose a lot of tickets and therefore probably the match.
  9. Assigning channels to a specific ear is a planned feature: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4og3r2/devs_regarding_voip_channels/ That was 9 months ago though, so no idea if they have changed their mind on this. It's probably just a low priority.