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  1. After the first day of playing..

    shokugeki no soma for life! you watch the anime or read the manga?
  2. Rsw Clan Recruiting [Dutch]

    hey I'm interested! right now I have exams and stuff but I'll have a lot of free time after. Where can I sign up? :D
  3. Two suggestions

    Hey! I think the stamina system is on the to-do list. If i remember correctly.. I like the raise / lower system which you suggested. I think it adds another feature to the game that it will increase the feeling of being a soldier when you're playing. I don't really know how to describe the feeling though.. It gives you more control over your character, which is something I like too. And welcome to the community!
  4. Well, pre-noob here

    welcome! :D
  5. After the first day of playing..

    ye in Squad, the AK has less recoil than the M4. i shoot in semi ofcourse. auto fire is not very manageable
  6. After the first day of playing..

    everyone has his own opinion! :D that could be what happened to me.. i don't know, but what i do know is that my body literally painted a wall in red.. :D
  7. After the first day of playing..

    Hey bud! The recoil of the m4 compared to real life isn't right, the real life recoil appears to be lower than the recoil in game. So i think they'll fix it later on. I think the grenades are like mini-nukes because I was in cover and got killed by a grenade which was literally 25 meters away. I also got killed one by a grenade while is was behind cover, the grenade was at the other side of the wall. And thanks for answering honestly!
  8. After the first day of playing..

    Netherlands, my good sir!
  9. Hey everyone! I played Squad Alpha today for the first time. I really enjoyed playing the game. When I first spawned, I had no idea what to do.. I was playing with my friend and apparently was the Squad Leader. We both had no idea what to do, but luckily we had a nice squad member who explained us almost everything. After playing one game, my friend became a Rifleman so a more experienced squad member could become Squad Leader. He gave us the plan, said what we had to do and what not to do. First we regrouped and then we pushed over the hill, we got under heavy fire and we suffered some casualties. We fell back since we lost both medics in the firefight while they were trying to revive / heal wounded squad members. We entered the compound to prepare for the incoming Tango attack. All this under direct command of the Squad Leader. It was really awesome! I did have some problems while playing, it could be just me or it could be some known issues. - I once got stuck in a doorway while trying to run through the doorway - The recoil in Semi Automatic firemode was kinda hard to handle - It was hard to see enemies from 150m+ - Server sided lag - Grenades are like mini-nukes Please don't see this as criticism, I'm just trying to help, also sorry for my English, it's not my native language :) I just wanted to share my first experience playing Squad. I really look forward to the full game. Bye! Edit: Another issue I forgot to mention There appears to be some invisible walls in some of the windows of buildings, you can't shoot through it or throw grenades through it. (I found out the ward way :D) Edit 2: It could be my graphic settings, causing me not to see enemies from 150m+. I don't know, when I have time I'll try to figure it out!