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  1. Cant join friends server

    Join the server manually, and not steam its actually broken.
  2. No servers in server browser

    Well im having the same problem actually and getting a different routeur, maybe the problem isnt from our routeur but from the game simply ?
  3. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Great news, this map look like great.
  4. Mortars, Animations, IED, more building things like holes/wood bunker /trenches or anything else usefull in vegetation fight (green zone) and guerilla (ambush)
  5. Poll: Thoughts of SweetFX/ReShade

    My monitor work's perfectly with all games, just Squad is completely grey when i try on/off to compare.
  6. Poll: Thoughts of SweetFX/ReShade

    Reshade isn't helping in AA just getting much better & brigther colors, that's give you more facility to seeing enemy with their camo. Natural game is just too grey there's not enough different colours and they are clearly not enough flashy.
  7. Poll: Thoughts of SweetFX/ReShade

    I just installed it just after reading the message, and just "wow", you should just integrate it to the game, we have much brighters colours , it's a real pleasure to play with it, i'm not anymore destroying my eyes now trying to seeing an enemy behind this fog/grey.
  8. Steam Items

    My bad, always reading the patch note quickly now im gonna take my times !
  9. Steam Items

    Don't have this items in inventory, any ideas why ?
  10. Got no head on my rifleman kit. Got Titles & names in bottom left corner instead of the real nickname And the French translation doesn't fit perfectly on the screen on the top right corner http://imgur.com/a/8qNiQ
  11. Optimization

    Im not sur optimization will be a futur objectives maybe because V8 already did it.
  12. Backer Tag Redeem!

    So bad
  13. CPUCores (Program)

    On parkcontrol use the Bitsum Highest Performance all your cores will be enabled turn them to 100% and click the 4 disable options. With Lasso when you start your game, press the touch windows open the program and click on Squad.exe turn this processus in the Highest priority in memory, alimentation & class in priority
  14. CPUCores (Program)

    Did you paid for this ? Go on parkcontrol & Lasso Bitsum High performance it's free and it does the same job.
  15. November 2016 Monthly Recap