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  1. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Hello Soldiers, I'm a backer, I played a lot with my team when the game came out in EA. It was nice, but we stopped playing completely at Alpha 6.5 (July 2016). And then yesterday, one of us asked "hey guys, I want to try again Squad, follow me ?" And there we are, more than 1 year later, in Alpha 9.14. Well my very first impression was "Waou the game is so smooth now"... I have modest PC specs: I7 920, 10Go DDR3, GTX960. One year earlier the game was pretty unplayable for me... but I tried hard And now my framerate is so good, it was a real pleasure. Thank you for the optimisations guys !! We really enjoyed the new UI, the new maps, the new models, the new sounds, the new effects (holy !! those explosions are so well designed !!) Vehicles were pretty new for us too, and... the new FOB system... with supplies and all stuff !! It makes the game so tactical and deep !! We really enjoyed the way you turned all these features ! I was able to play during 4 hours in a row without a single crash... Our night was so positive ! So from me and all my teammates, it's a massive encouragement for all you did in the past year... This game is becoming a must-have for all people who likes milsim shooters !! Well I have to go, because tonight, me and my teammates have to cross again the "Fool's Road" English language is not my mother tongue, sorry for my syntax.
  2. Dev explain the update

    Sounds Good
  3. Founder Weapon Skins

    Thank you mister.
  4. Founder Weapon Skins

    So what we are supposed to see in game with Rifleman tag for example ? weapon skin ? camo skin ? something with name ?
  5. Rifleman Tier

    What is the point of "Rifleman Tier" ? If we even can't pre-load it before the released... What is the point to be a backer since more 3 months for few people if finally this is the same than discover the game the 15th December on Steam on the "Popular New Releases" section ? No reproach, just a question.
  6. [Resolved] TeamSpeak Logo Channel

    Perfect, thank you Joey. :P
  7. [Resolved] TeamSpeak Logo Channel

    Hi soldiers, If someone is enough talented to create a Squad logo channel for Teamspeak, I would be very grateful. conditions for TeamSpeak logo channel: Size: 16x16 pixelsformat: .pngThank you. ;)
  8. Localizations

    Hello, I have a question for devs. I'm wondering if you are planning to release Squad with some different languages at 15th December on Steam ? Some french people are already translating the manual but what about the texts in the game ? Do you plan to translate them in major languages ES-DE-FR-RU-IT-CH ? There is not so much texts, If you need I can help you to translate in french. I have not the game yet (Rifleman Tier), but if there is a file with texts to translate, let me know, and share ;) English is not my native language, sorry for my syntax.
  9. Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG]

    Hello all the RGG members. :) I have good memories of our rounds on Arma 3 with you guys. I'm still trying to enhance my english vocal understanding, and I'm learning all the new vocabulary about Squad, but for sure, I want to spend some time with you on the battlefield. I have the Rifleman Tier, so I'm ready to engage at 15th December. If you need a french baguette, I'm the one :D
  10. My first Squad gameplay video

    Good job Doc. I enjoy your devoted attitude for your teammates. ;)
  11. Hello soldiers, Synopsis: I have a pretty long experience in video games now. For all the (gaming) veterans, if you remember, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 were awesome games, until Battlefield 3... and guess what killed the Battlefield licence... --> Statistics ! This is the worst bullshit ever made: Battlelog ! KDR, SPM, KPM etc. They are the murderers of Teamwork and they created the biggest Ego-Shooter ever made. They created a whole generation of selfish players, who need some gratefulness in their life, and the best way for them to have some, is to shine on a scoreboard or on a statistical profile page. But it's not all their fault. Youtubers and Twitchers, they created the hype, this is like a movie, always more explosions, more kills, more spectacular, and your KDR determines your credibility for these people, not your Teamwork or your Tactical approach. Suggestion: I beg the devs, to remove, or at least to add an option (for server admin) to enable or disable, the "Kill" and "Death" columns on the scoreboard, and just keep the "Score" column. This is a huge filter at the entry of the server, and it would allow to avoid selfish people. Arguments: I can guess already your answers: "Just kick selfish players". Yes probably... but a kick will not change the attitudes and the mentalities. But now, he's connecting on the server, he pushes tabulation button and no KDR... 2 options: he leaves or he makes a try. But now, he is not anymore focused on the scoreboard, he discovers a new way to play, and for sure he will take more pleasure in this way. The kick is the easy option, but I believe fervently, our rôle, is to change the mentalities of these people who will come from others games, not to condamn. And with adequate tools, we could show them the way the game is designed for. Thank you for reading. English is not my native language, sorry for my syntax.
  12. sorry in advance if this offends anyone...

    I'm agree with the OP. Regardless how many features the devs could add, it's always the community who does the game. I bought this game because, on the first page on the website, the promise is huge! I am very scared about what could become the community now with the new visibility on Steam. I hope so much the game will not become another Ego-Shooter. The game is about communication and teamwork, if you don't have a mic and if you are not able to follow the orders of your Squad Leader, why do you choose this game ? You just want to pick up the ACOG and stay on the hill without spotting and reporting enemies positions ? And at the end of the game you will say "hey guyz, look at my KDR" ? I can understand you want just "play" the way you want, but there are many many games where you could play "your style" without bother your teammates, and where you could jump into the action more quickly. I found this video on youtube: (thank you for the uploader) This is exactly what I'm waiting of this game. - Squad Leaders coordination at the beggining of the round. - Soldiers devoted to their Squad Leader. - Non-stop communications and TeamWork. I love this video, because there are many differents soldiers, some of them seem lost on the battlefield, but with the aid of their Squad Leader, they participate actively for the objective. Others seem to be more experienced, and would like to take their own directives, but they stay focused on their Squad Leader. Maybe the Squad Leader didn't take the good decisions, of course, you, me, we will have chosen others choices, but at least, he can count on many reliable men. No one discusses the orders, all are disciplined, and it works ! I wish all people who will buy this game, please understand, alone you are nothing ! only with a good teamwork and communication you can win. And for people who are selfish, avoid this game, you have to be devoted to the others to make something great, together ! English is not my native language, sorry for my syntax.
  13. Au fait, j'ai vu qu'ils battaillaient pour rendre compatible les claviers "azerty" en natif avec les options du jeu... Qu'en est-il des traductions de textes, il y a quelque chose de prévu ? Au pire ça ne me dérangerait pas de filer un coup de main, il n'y pas énormément de textes à traduire :)
  14. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Amazing work gentlemen !! :o My patience has reached its breaking point, I need to play this game !! !! :P