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  1. Alpha 9.6 Released

    Good job, as always. Thank you.
  2. I like the 3 people claim for the same reason as demolocke. GPS is the role of the third guy, when I drive I ask him to tell me where to go, as he as nothing else to do except nose picking while watching the landscape. You can also ask him to get down and scout a crossroad, or put a rally while gunner is still operationnal. etc.
  3. Slower infantry feels great. Thx Devs!

    Body awareness is getting better, good job ! I can't wait for free look (I still press "alt" all the time like I do in ArmA, so frustrating)
  4. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Will it be quicker to integrate new vehicules now ? Or is it still painful ?
  5. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Twitter is a HYPE TROLL
  6. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Gaaaarrrghhhhhhhhhhh Devs, I hate you F5F5F5F5F5
  7. Today's Patch - 62.4MB - any info?

  8. Alpha 3.9 Released

    Played 2.5 hours on the same server without being disconnected and with good performances. Keep it up ! :wub:
  9. Alpha 3.8 Released

    Thank you devs, merry christmas to all haning around here. xoxo
  10. I played sometimes with you Para, I had great fun, it will be harder to find you (and team kill you, I'm still sorry for that) but I doubt that squad will become a "500k players base" game. And once everything will be back to normal, I will team kill you again. :ph34r:
  11. [FR] Clan Commando Kieffer recrute

    Ils ont pas mal de monde qui ont déjà acheté le jeu, pareil chez nous ;)
  12. Closed Alpha 3 Released

  13. Chinooks or Blackhawks or both

    *Calling for expansion pack in 2017*