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  1. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    Can we remove points too? In the end it's all about winning the game through teamwork, so points do not matter.
  2. New LevelCap video on Squad

    oh no!
  3. New LevelCap video on Squad

    jesus who the fuck cares just let them play and the record the game how they want why you all need to get butthurt over nothing all the time
  4. Aiming Deadzone

    or you know.. have it optional?
  5. Types of Annoying Players

    lol this is a PR community mate no fun allowed here
  6. Who cares, us army, us marines. its the same stuff anyway. I'd rather see different nations get added before the us army, us navy, us marine, us planes, us neckbeards get added.
  7. Disable suppression from friendly fire ?

    Oh yeah, I was pretty good. I graduated top of my class and I've been involved in numorous secret raids. Actually that ginger guy was comic relief, and didn't neccesarily resemble real life. In my time when I was deployed I was the comic relief character too, but I didn't go deaf from machinegun fire, so it's not realistic to put it into the game tbh.
  8. Stat tracking

    so.. strat-tracking?
  9. How to drop the FOV back to 80?

    Yeah, you defenetitely never used an iron sight before.
  10. Disable suppression from friendly fire ?

    Are you speaking from personal experience? i have fought in Syria for 2 years and never experienced anything like this.
  11. Bots

    AI in ArmA has always been pretty good.
  12. Teamplay.... it works so well!...

    typical blitza :') It's cool dude. Some people just have their heads so far up their arse they constantly need something else to shit on.
  13. Vac banned?

    Actually, I'm fairly certain VAC bans are only delayed when it comes to newly released cheats that VAC found. They then ban all the cheaters in 1 big vacwave. But if you happen to be an idiot and you download a 1 year old cheat and use it, I'm fairly sure VAC will automatically ban you on the spot. OP seems to have forgotten to close down the CE process before connecting to a VAC-secured server and that's what fucked him. Having it on your PC doesn't matter. Having it open, when joining a VAC secure server does. Don't think there's much OP can do. Developers can't do anything. He himself can't do anything. Valve won't do anything. It sucks.
  14. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Thing is. If people want a private squad they will currently kick anybody that joins anyway. So adding the option won't make a difference.. except it doesn't waste the time of the SL that has to manually kick peolpe now, and the time of the people joining to then be kicked. So yes, add it. It will save people to much hassle.
  15. VAC Response Error (Enable VAC)

    Could VAC be blocked by your firewall, maybe?
  16. Vac banned?

    well memed
  17. Vac banned?

    "Hurrdurr we're a mature community hurrhurr" Poker9 can you link your steam-profile?
  18. Squad in real life)

    wtf dude #BMPlivesmatter
  19. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    Yeah man, people need to stop having fun in video games, it's such a big waste of time. There should be a fat, luminous green neon sign saying 'no fun allowed'.
  20. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    Honestly though, that stuff is awesome to see and looks fun as hell to have in your game.
  21. Failure... how to deal with it?

    just blame the new players man it works every time
  22. Lone Wolf

    Oh you people.. get over yourselves, holy shit. Did you even watch the video or did you just get insta-triggered because of the word 'lonewolf'. OP is the closest to the rally point and squad lead. While the rest of his squad was sitting on the hill, he actually defended the CP by himself with a damn well impressive play. Nice vid tho dude, sneaky-beaky-like.
  23. I have a question/Concern

    Yeah, having better hardware will increase your vision by a lot. But so be it, not much to do about it.