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  1. could another idea be that not all the flags are visible at the start of the round, couple this with some flag randomization on map layers and you cant plan too far ahead or jump to a far flag because you don't know where the far flags are yet, you have to capture each flag in turn or scout and mark/find flag locations that then update the map.
  2. Opinions on 1070 GTX card

    If I remember from my research the only bad thing about the turbo model is the cooling compared to the other ASUS cards but if you have good case cooling this shouldn't be an issue unless your planning on OC it a fair bit.
  3. I want a tactical JCB to construct my fob with....
  4. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Holy shit I so can't wait to play this map. It just looks better and better every time I look at it.
  5. The clock system is only useful if used properly and everyone in the squad knows the score. There are two main ways to use the clock system, the first being the most common and simplest. With 12 being the direction of march and 6 being behind and so on, this is not relative to the soldiers direction of facing, but to the squads direction of advance. The second is a little more complex and involve the clock being placed over an obvious object in the distance near the target. These could be distinct buildings, signs, hills, anything that stands out. the clock is then placed over this and the target is indicated relative to the distinguishing feature. e.g Signpost – Left 9 o’clock – bushes – left edge of bushes – 2 enemy. So this indicated that the target is to the left 9:00 of the signpost on the left hand side of the bushes, and are of two in number.
  6. British army

    i would like to see the Foxhound, Mastiff/Wolfhound (unsure of the differences) and Viking
  7. Community content WIP thread!

    need to break the camo at the uniform seams, and then it will look a load better
  8. Yeah it would make an interesting mix match, you could also have it so that some classes only had NVG mounted to the weapon, so you only get it when ADS, i think the i think the ACOG is compatible as you say, but im unsure if it can be used with a head mounted monocular on the non shooting eye. I believe most modern military sights are compatible in some way or another.
  9. Imagine Fallujah at night some compounds well lit, others not, but hazy streetlamps dotted around, sure the military faction would have an advantage on the outskirts in the wide open surroundings, but in the city with the various levels of lighting that the insurgents can use to there advantage, imagine the possibilities, it brings a whole new dimension. compounds could have light switches to illuminate them or darken them, street lamps i think should be non switchable. and the car battery and spot light idea is great.
  10. that system looks pretty good but could still be much improved upon, like having outside the middle monocular circle as true color rather than just a darker version of the NV image, so that the IR lasers and stuff didn't carry across to the outside. Also you should be able to use certain sights with NVG depending on what NVG model and Sight combo is used. The idea of having the monocular with holo sights is that the dot or holo should super impose itself on top of your vision, so you have 1 eye through the NVG monocular one eye through the holo and your sight picture should be the night vision circle with normal vision all around, with the red dot super imposed over the top of the whole lot.
  11. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    your meant to be fairly useless returning fire as a medic because your primary role is keeping the squad alive not engaging the enemy. hence the medic role does not need a fancy sight to be accurate because the medic has little need to be returning pin point fire on an enemy when he has buddies to heal. and if he doesn't have any buddies to heal then he is a supporting fire roll and should be supporting the riflemen who's main job it killing the enemy. the supporting fire doesn't have to be super accurate, just in the right ball park.
  12. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

    yeah i thought the dreadnoughts looked quite small
  13. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

    that cover system sucks the one from DOW2 was way better
  14. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    you still haven't suggested another commercially available engine for the game to be developed on...