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  1. Slow movement

    I hadn't played for a good 5 months, updates are great game is looking very good but i came back to play today and i couldn't play no more then 10 minutes and i'll tell you why, The movement is slow their is no free look, running is slow when running across the road for cover. Is there any changes to movement/free look ?
  2. Hyper-Threading, Enable or Disable?

    Playing in 4k 3840x2160 i got gains of 10 fps gtx 1080 6700k 32gram by disabling it
  3. Squad's performance resource

    Would a gtx 1080 for squad future be enough for 4k
  4. If people wanna learn how to squad lead, watch Running_duck on twitch after watching i see alot of people still dont use Squads to there full potential
  5. Next update

    Is that the update section about mines aswel ? Cant wait either lol love this game do you think our FPS will get better as they optimize or get worse? Thoughts?
  6. Next update

    Anyone know when and what will be coming cheers cant wait!
  7. 4k in 3860x2160

    Well on my bros pc i7 6700k gtx 1080 32gram runs SS 2k on my 4k sony tv at 20fps with AA off 3840x2160
  8. 4k in 3860x2160

    What size screen you playing on
  9. 4k in 3860x2160

    Ill try that out and get back to you Ill let you know how it goes cheers man
  10. Optimization

    I tested squad in 4k res 3860x2160 2k SS got 15 fps on 49inch 4k tv on i7 6700k z170 gtx 1080 32g of ram
  11. 4k in 3860x2160

    My PC specs are i7 4770 gtx 980ti 8gig ram etc... and squad on my 49 inch runs at 11 fps on 2k SS, But even on my brothers PC he has the i7 6700k gtx 1080 32gb ram z170 motherboard and tried to run squad on his at 4k 2k SS and gets 15 fps? Is it the game or what
  12. New rig

    So im about to buy the i7 6600k cpu with z170 motherboard etc... will the 1080 gtx run squad right now at playable 4k frames at 3860x2640 resolution? or get the titan x
  13. Reworking the Deployables system?

    I agree with OP, things should take abjt of effort because i see most squad leaders building all this stuff and then not really using it and just run off
  14. Squad in 4k with 49inch

    What monitor should i get thats over 40inch ? would the 1080 run it fine though
  15. Squad in 4k with 49inch

    So if i brought a 1080 card it would get 60fps on this 49inch?