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  1. Lollipop, Lollipop, Oooo lolli Lollipop

  2. Lollipop, Lollipop, Oooo lolli Lollipop

    To be honest, you can use the iron sights to achieve the same result. The CCO is not meant for use WITH ironsights. Also...Killboards are subjective and there are too many factors to consider when you're saying that your high kills in the squad were due to a singular change in the optics
  3. Lollipop, Lollipop, Oooo lolli Lollipop

  4. Please. For the love of all that is holy. Fix the red dot. The Purpose of the CCO M68 is not to make your iron sight prettier. It is to make the necessity of the iron sight a backup rather than the main. CCO's are parallax free which means both eyes can see the dot if you open it and no matter how you aim the weapon so long as the red dot is on the bad guy and your booger hook squeezes the bang switch. That bad guy will be getting a new tattoo. The reason we lollipop the CCO to the iron sight, is usually because you zero your irons first. If you lollipop the red dot it puts you close to your zero making it easier to walk that zero in. Rather than starting at the bottom of the paper. Afterwards, there is no purpose to putting the dot back onto the sight. Please, for the sake of my sanity STOP THE LOLLIPOP D:
  5. {R} ☩ RENEGADES ☩ - Speed, Surprise, VOFA

    Welcome aboard brother. Please add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014446813 Accepted - Pending 1 Week probationary period and Completion of Q-Course Please change your name to reflect the {r} Tag through settings. Please also join this steam group http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791461867372 - 1 week of Casual Gameplay - Completion of Q-Course [10 Training Courses] - Monitor the steam group announcements, all training will be posted there Pending your completion of the Q- Course you will earn your Renegade Tags and Certifications You will then train the next class coming through the course Your Course Number is: Class #0012 Our Discord is: https://discord.gg/prtfU6f Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action. Blackhawk
  6. {R} ☩ RENEGADES ☩ - Speed, Surprise, VOFA

    Its a sad thing to see so many old school players gone from this great game. Alot of knowledge out the door, but we're always here to teach. Throw in the application to Renegades. 2 in 10 pass the course. Will it be you?
  7. {R} ☩ RENEGADES ☩ - Speed, Surprise, VOFA

    Updated OP, 7 Members in Class #012 Welcome new members
  8. {R} ☩ RENEGADES ☩ - Speed, Surprise, VOFA

    Yeah....We're back
  9. {R} Renegade Helmet Cam

    Having some fun with peeps who still haven't learned, movement = life.
  10. {R} Renegade Helmet Cam

    Another Great ambush conduct by fine teamplayers! THIS IS WHY YOU ALWAYS PULL REAR SECURITY!
  11. {R} ☩ RENEGADES ☩ - Speed, Surprise, VOFA

    Welcome aboard brother. Please add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014446813 Accepted - Pending 1 Week probationary period Please change your name to reflect the {r} Tag through steam. Please also join this steam group http://steamcommunit...renegadeveteran - 1 week of Gameplay - 1 week Comms with team During this one week you are advised to get to know the guys you will be working with to establish cohesion You will be combat tested by our trainers and take your tryout at the end of probation Our teamspeaks are: Joint Force: ts35.gameservers.com:9307 Renegade Tactical: ts83.gameservers.com:9107 SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD, Blackhawk
  12. {R} ☩ RENEGADES ☩ - Speed, Surprise, VOFA

    The Renegades, in anticipation of vehicles are coming back to life. Being that we're mostly mechanized infantry. It kind of felt weird to keep training guys in foot patrol tactics.
  13. Do 4-man Fire Teams Work?

    I've always used two man fireteams to accomplish 2 task at once.

    Will this be a repeat of the Revolutionary War? Like we knew the british were coming ages ago.... how prepared do you think we'll be now XD
  15. Yeahhh, that is Iraq in '03-'04. No the United States Army WOULD NOT reissue BDU's to go to a different campaign. In all reality most of our BDU stockpiles have been sold to retail stores or military surplus. We are developing something called Scorpion Camo or OCP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorpion_W2). It was developed with every combat zone in mind. Now if you turn your Gamma up in this game of course they stand out like sore thumbs but at a distance which is what camo is intended for. It would take Billions of dollars to reproduce the BDU for soldiers and implement the new changes of our uniforms over to the BDU. Then the issue of distributions comes into play... especially when it takes 4 years to roll out camo across all units as it is. This is the difference between the OCP Scorpion 2 and the Multicam which squad is using now.