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  1. I just experienced a bug on the shooting range, simple to recreate. I dont exactly know the name of the weapon, but its one of the taliban forces rocket launcher, which is normaly on a pickup truck, when you enter it and aim, then shoot and quickly leave the weapon, the aim overlay is still active, see attached image. Right Mouse button to aim -> Fire -> and immediately press F You can get rid of it when you just enter the weapon, aim and leave it by pressing F again. I know I could have created a bug report, but I think its best explained via Screenshot.
  2. *Personal* rating of SLs

    I think how it could work, would be if its like in CSGO, so you can only give positive Feedback, if he was a good squad leader or such. If he wasnt that good or so you just dont give any Feedback.
  3. Reshade

    well you have to give it to the developers, they are not banning anyone who uses it, your game will just crush. Also they try to work it out with the developers of reshade so everyone who likes using it can use it again. Its just a matter of time for when you can play with reshade again.
  4. Med-Kit bug or?

    ah ok, yes then I have to agree, atm ist a bit fiddly to heal someone who moves around. But maybe its supposed to be like that, as in "hold still while I patch you up" adds more to realism
  5. Hat Spaß gemacht mit euch zu spielen Hansi. Vll sieht man sich mal wieder auf dem Feld. Bis dahin
  6. in-game character voices

    Players have to get such Immersion going Talking with your mates and suddenly your guy screams something doesnt seem right
  7. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    is it 100% confirmed that we are not gonna see any jets in the game, used by Players?
  8. Founder Weapon Skins

    they dont Show up for me as well anymore
  9. *Personal* rating of SLs

    your forgot the trolls and haters. New Squad Leaders will be downvoted a lot and therefor maybe wont Play as squad leader anymore. I have been playing in a squad where the squad leader wasnt as experienced, but instead of guiding and helping him a few Players were hating, until he left the game. So such a System would rather discourage new squad leader learning that role.
  10. Remove the Squad quick-start guide

    It Looks rather cheap, but usefull for new Players and this is more important during EA. I guess for a later release this Screen will be replaced with either ingame screenshots explaining certain situations or just tool tips at the bottom you can go through while the map loads.
  11. Dead player tag/nickname

    Had to experience it as well yesterday, Team member was dead 150m away, enemy soldiers on his Position, but I couldnt see them properly due to the big ass Name tag. But I wouldnt quite necessary disable them for dead Player. Either make them smaller or more transparent. Because I still would like to see where someone died of my guys, even if I'm not a medic.
  12. Some Idea's for the future.

    Razor Wire: Don't agree, since its the cheapest placeable, it should also be able to be cleared by a nade. -Left ctrl Crouch in gun turret's (vehicles): Agreed, would be nice to have this feature -Crewman Kit (req for driving BTR/Striker/heavy vics): Agreed, but I guess it will come this year or so since its more or less confirmed. I hope that you dont Need such a kit for Jeeps and trucks though -Marksmen Bipod's: Agreed, also like to see it -Command chat/radio chatter coming out of radio on SL in local (at reduced range,or mufffled): Yes that would be pretty nice, at least some Radio noise or so comeing from the squad leader, just something to Signal to other members that you are talking with other squads or so. A lot of times I Need to ask to repeat their message, since I couldnt hear it due to chit Chat between members. Some sort of indicator for squad members, that the squad leader is currently talking with others over the Radio would be nice. -V for vehicle Chat: Agreed, If members are in a BTR or so it would make sense to Keep the "V" talk inside the vehicle or Jeep. On a truck it would Need to stay "open" though. I guess for something like that to work, you would Need another variable to determine if the vehicle Position is inside or outside in order to decide if its a voice Chat only for People inside the vehicle or local open.
  13. Med-Kit bug or?

    you always had to Keep pressing the button to heal. Left Mouse button to heal or apply Bandage to other Players Right Mouse button to heal or apply Bandage to yourself For me, the System works pretty good now. Dont have much Problems like in the "old" days
  14. In the Field Ammunition Resupply with Vehicles

    sharing ammo with your comrades, because you know, sharing is caring.
  15. LOD issues in V10

    Dont blame the game for your potato pc Just kidding Looks like LODs have been reversed for you, everything within 10m got LOD2 or 3 or so and then its alright again.