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  1. Outfit Customization

    One thing that I always enjoyed about a good game was the ability to customize my character to have the look I wanted them to have. Even shooters like ARMA have a degree of character customization and I would love to see the same from SQUAD. Now I don't want that pot leaf crap or the whole custom camo thing but it would be awesome to be able to pick my carrier harness, helmet, and maybe the option to have rolled sleeves or not or knee pads or no knee pads. Essentially, I want my soldier to feel unique to me, so that when my friends see me in the game, they recognize me not just by username, but by my soldier himself. I've wanted that for so long but everyone seems so content with playing cookie cutter soldiers. Also the ability to pick gender would be interesting because more and more we see women on the front lines and it would be nice to break the monotony of white dudes named smith that are wearing the same exact loadout. Just a thought to add much more immersion :)