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  1. 60FPS and unplayable due to constant freezing

    Ok, I have to chime in because Ive used all of the recent drivers on my AMD cards and Ive watched the performance in game closely. First, I have the 15.11 drivers if you cant find them. (I know once AMD releases an update its sometimes hard to get to the older drivers) 32 Bit -> http://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/AMD-Catalyst-15.11Beta-32Bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Nov3.exe 64 Bit -> http://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/AMD-Catalyst-15.11Beta-64Bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Nov3.exe Second, Crimson has too many problems right now for me to use. I wont get into it here. Just know that I am using 15.11 for Squad and its working fairly well. My question is this, have you actually installed and run Crimson on your machine yet? There is a reason why Im asking and its important. Third, obviously the game settings default to epic, Im assuming you've tried turning them down, right? (Sorry, trying to get the basics out of the way) I saw you had posted in the AMD temp fix post so I wont ask if you did that. However, there are other tweaks to the cfg's that can help as well. If you have already tried tweaking any of those let me know before I post a laundry list of thingfs that I changed. Who knows, maybe you did everything that I did. Let me know so we can get follow up Fourth, have you ever used RadeonMod? Its very helpful in some scenarios One last thing for now, the deterioration in performance over the course of a match is something that affected us all (or most of us). That is probably not related to your machine Preemptive apology if I have repeated or made any redundant statements or questions. I cant read through all of the posts. There are enemies that need to be shot and RP's to dig up.
  2. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Yeah I just switched from my 8350 to an Intel i7-5930k. What a difference. Even my 8350 at 5.2ghz in Squad was running poorly. And that was with excessive modding of the cfg's. I spent days on the Unreal Engine forums trying to figure what I could do to get it to run smoother. End Note: My 980ti Kingpin produces stupid extra frames for this game. I put my 290x Lightning back in and put the Kingpin back in the oc bench. Not sure what gpu you have but if youre going to change something change the cpu before considering gpu change
  3. Regular server restart

    Umm, Not sure. Can I be that much of an idiot? I downloaded v2 the other day. Im guessing there is v2.1 now? ^^Disregard. I had v2. Getting v2.1 now. I thought we were only getting updates once per month. Thanks
  4. Regular server restart

    Was there a massive server update and/or restart today? Only the hardware test server was showing up
  5. 1) Not correct. Single player or Internet Multiplayer I have the same cpu load and well balanced. 2) Of course there is an increase in the game thread. But running on single I am only using a small percentage of my cpu's power. In multi it just goes a little higher. When I see an application that hogs one or two cores I reset the affinity so every core is working evenly. 3) Just fired up Crysis 3 today on both rigs. Most of the time its 98-99% on gpu. Thats normal because its well optimized. Again, CPU is evenly balanced across the 8 cores 4) I have 4 binned 8350's and two 9590's. In my LN2 rig I have an 2 8350's that hits speeds that get intel fan boys very mad. They dont even listen to me when I tell them that I prefer (and own and use) more intel chips than I will ever use AMD. Whats interesting is that you keep thinking they are the same animals. Thats scary 5) You shouldve RMA'ed that 2500k or tried a different method of OC'ing it. Or have someone else do it for you. 6) Youre link means nothing and it tells me nothing (or anyone else) other than how you broadly determine what a bottleneck is. Im sure you are aware that there are various types of bottlenecks that can be related to the cpu alone, let alone other types. Furthermore, was that 84 fps on a 980Ti? If so, RMA it. I get that with my Lightning at stock speeds on my "peanuts" 8350 (settings maxed) Youve already said that seeing 90% gpu usage (or anything below 98%) is evidence of a bottleneck. And you also said [sic] unless there isnt anything else for it to render. Well, yeah. Thats been my point the whole time and youve been arguing with me in the beginning of a statement while agreeing with me by the end. Just like when i mentioned facing the edge of a map (looking into nothing) Do you understand that a if a gpu does not need to use 99% of its processing power than it may not use 99%? What happens if you fire up a game like FEZ or Olli Olli? Or how about and Unreal game like Chivalry? I dont even need a gpu to run that game at high framerates. Does your gpu go to 99% and stay at your max core clock? That doesnt automatically make it a bottleneck. We are talking about requests on the processors. When you open Notepad does your cpu peg to 99%? Of course not. It doesnt need 99% of the processing power to operate it. Its called overhead. If I run Crysis 2 on a single card it needs 98-99% of the core clock at all times. But in Crossfire it doesnt. Thats because the second/slave card is helping the first complete calculations (the entire point of having a 2nd gpu). Its also a slightly older game. It came out long before my gpu's did. So the gpu's together dont even break a sweat when running that game maxed. But again, Cryengine and Unreal, apples and oranges. But the basic idea of processor usage is the same. It uses what it needs. If it needs it all it uses it. Having it pegged at 99% when its not needed is like driving your car down the highway in 1st gear. Its a niver ride if you shift into 5th gear and cruise.
  6. [Devs] Shader Model 4 (-SM4)-2D Textures & ObjectPool

    Oh right. Why do I forget the simplest of things? When i fist open the Squad folder the 147kb exe seems like a shortcut already (considering it launches the larger exe in the binaries folder). So I think I can jsut add it to that main/first shortcut. I wanst sure if any of the configs had a command to prohibit the use of sm4. I shouldve worded my question a little better Thanks!
  7. Low Framerate, High GPU Load

    First note, youve inspired me to find the best possible solution, and I think I have done it! I will be posting a thread and of course giving you credit for needling me. Let me take these one at a time (Ive numbered them mainly so I dont get lost, not trying to be a wise ass) 1) Youre right, internet games are different. My only point was that I still have to render the same map/world. The unreal engine has never caused this problem for me. Local or internet. It gets handled the same way in other Unreal games. But here it doesnt. 2) My CPU isnt slow. Its under water with a ton of radiator space. Ive only worked it up to 5.2ghz but it can probalby go higher. It also evenly balances the load across the threads (which Im not really a fan of that structure) 3) There are 2d physics settings present. Default cfg has them set to "False". So Im thinking some of the compressed textures might be getting unpacked and rendered as 2d. I havent found them yet but I can now replicate the clock drop in unreal by introducing something 2d. When I lock the clocks in AB and then also add Squad to RTSS and make sure its recognized as 3d only, the only way the clocks should drop is if there is a lack of something 3d (even for 0.01ms) Now, it can also be the way the textures are unpacked 4) Not true at all. I can get 144 fps at the edge of any map with 20-30% gpu usage. (BF4, Hardline, ARK, VAnishing of Ethan Carter, Batmans, Bioshock, Borderlands, 2, 3.) And then as soon as I turn around, where the world is dynamic, the gpu usage jumps up to where it should be. When look out over the edge of a map, and there is nothing to draw, well, there is nothing to draw. Granted, my nVidia card stays higher but that is just how nVidia cards work. 5) Misdiagnose isnt hyphenated. I only know what I can prove and what I have observed. Thats it. I havent diagnosed anything. I stated what has happened, where I saw differences. And I said what I was going to play around with moving forward. What I have said about hardware performance and actions isnt speculation. Im also still in the process of diagnosing. I havent drawn any conclusions yet. I said I was going to play with the Object Pool settings. Are you of the belief that the Object Pool doesnt affect performance? If so, read here: http://indiedevspot.com/2014/07/08/object-pooling-great-way-to-increase-performance/ 6) Ok, so when I run the first Crysis and I get my 144 framerate but my cards only need to use a small percent of their potential that is a bottleneck? Youre forgetting many variables with that statement and also forgetting that nVidia cards operate differently than AMD. Just like AMD cards can hash better at password cracking, Bitcoin/AltCoin mining, etc. Theyre as similar as Ferrari and a Lamborghini, Coke and Pepsi. Yes, they do the same things but no one will make broad sweeping statements saying they do the same things the exact same way) 7) Happens every time I play BF, Hardline, Borderlands, etc. Last night I was on the Hardline map with the junkyard. I was pushed to the edge of the map shooting at another guy next to me at the edge of the map. I only have to render half of the dynamic world and half of what is going on with the players. While I was shooting at him I was at my 144fps with about 50-60% on my cards. It lasted long enough to drop me below 50 degrees C on main card. When I bolted through the junkyard I was around 100-120fps, 99% gpu usage across both cards, back up to 50 C 8) That can be true if youre fully overclocked, properly set in every way, game settings are correct, and the game is well optimized. One thing I love about nVidia (and will be going back) is that it always works well and there are never issues like the one that Im having. Believe me, Id rather be commenting on the great performance Im getting along with you! 9) Here we disagree. But I know what Alpha is all about. There are a few things wrong but Im confident they will be worked out and fixed, modified, tweaked, etc 10) Thanks! I had no idea. Since it didnt spawn me in fairly fast I just gave up on it in v2 Is your screenshot above from an internet game or local? Also, is it at the very beginning of the game? With the ticket count at 300 and nothing going on around you, it looks like it is. Im confused because even you said that this is a bad time to compare stats: The very beginning of a match is not where I have a problem either. I always start off at 144 fps. Its later in a match or long after I spawn from RP or FOB. One of the reasons why I was thinking about Object Pool settings is because how the entire process works. (Above link gives a good overview on the process) One more quick question: Ive noticed from your screenshots that your core clock also varies (only very slightly) How or why does that happen? Because I have to admit that its something that I have never seen (nor paid attention to) on my nvidia card(s). I fired up Crysis 3 (because I noticed your other screen shots showing Crysis 3) on my intel rig today at the office and my core clock only budges 2mhz (But again that is Cryengine not Unreal...apples and oranges)
  8. Is there a way to run Shader Model 4 currently? I think I missed the commands in the cfg's I want to test a few things for AMD What is the maximum ObjectPool count that can be used? (DefaultEngine.ini) Also, what 2d textures are currently in use? I noticed that 2d physics is off by default but are there other major ingame textures that are 2d? Like the main map?
  9. ACOG Damage

    See, I thought I was losing my mind when I was recently looking at shot placement, trying to see how much the drop actually worked, etc. Basically I was just running around test firing weapons. But I initally wanted to get a better feel for the AK iron sight bedcause its a little hard to see the lead sight. Is there a chart or listed values for bullet drop somewhere on the forum? I try my best to make sure that Im not moving at all (even the slighest bit) when firing but that almost impossible (for me)
  10. Im trying to afford one 980ti let alone two! I keep eyeballing the 1440 ASUS monitor with the 144 refresh. Ever since I went to 144hz I dont think Ill ever go back.
  11. Low Framerate, High GPU Load

    Unfortunately there is no faster CPU for me to get on that board. Not to mention my CPU usage isnt any different whether its running at the stock 4ghz or all the way up to 5ghz. Actually, this cpu IM currently using goes to 5.2ghz. Again, no difference in CPU usage. Ive set the clocks in AB. Ive added Squad.exe to Rivatuner to make sure it is being recognized as a 3d application (just in case). None of that mattered. The only way I was wable to get the gpu to stay at the correct clocks was: 1) to remove the SmoothedFrameRate command line in DefaultEngine (or changing "LowerBound" to 62 and "UpperBound" to 148 helped the core clocks stay close to proper setting) 2) set "r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur=" to "False" (Unless your card is ten years old you dont need the help of motion blur) With it disabled it forces the world to be rendered as is at all times 3) Under RendererSettings set "r.TextureStreaming" to "True" (im debating on increasing this value as well) In v2 I cant spawn into a world alone on a local game. However, in v1 when I was able to do that the game ran as it should. Its a no-brainer. Im forcing my system to run everything I see on the screen. But thats not what happens in an internet game, for whatever reason. In a local game, spawning in alone, my framerate doesnt budge from 144. My gpu core clocks are at 1080 like they should be, and I get a steady 99% gpu usage. Also, cpu usage drops to where it is supposed to be for a 3d application. The cpu usage matches what happens with other games. But on an internet game all of that changes. With the above changes I get a higher and steadier framerate than I got before (for internet games) A cpu bottleneck would be repeatable no matter what type of game I chose to play. The Arma engine does something similar. Except it doesnt matter if I spawn into a local game by myself or an internet game. CPU, GPU usage and performance is the same. With this application it isnt. Its all over the place. Also, with the above changes I stay closest to my 3d core clock and the card uses the percentage of the gpu's clock...like it should. My only other thoughts for now is to play with the ObjectPool settings and MaxObjectsNotConsideredbyGC #. I think increasing the MaxObjects settings will return those items to the ObjectPool (if Object Pool settings are increased as well) The good news is that I have an Intel/NVIDIA rig to play around with as well. So Im going to grab that from my office on Monday and take it back home. Id like to see exactly how it handles the game And it really doesnt matter what the gpu usage is. It can not think and decide that its going to down clock itself. Its a 3d app. 3d apps run at a core clock. When I start anything 3d, AB turns the clocks up. No other app ever has forced the clocks down. They should stay where they are set. If it uses less gpu percentage then it will use less of a percent of the core clock. Part of me thinks that there are 2d settings within the game (even though Ive only found one that is set to "False" so far) that are causing it to go back and forth between 2d and 3d. So if it only needs to use 1% of the core clock, the core clock should stay at 1080 and it should use 1%. It should not come down to 800mhz and then use 15%. Squad.exe is actually forcing it lower than my 2d settings. My 2d settings are the same as my LN2 settings, 1000mhz core clock. The game (before my above changes) will force it down to 800mhz. Thats very wrong. "Then again I don't have an AMD GPU that dips to 50%, only had an nVidia that's strong enough to dip to 50% due to a CPU bottleneck." A 50% dip is not problematic. Its also not a definitive sign of a bottleneck. If you face the edge of any map you should see a wicked drop. Theres nothing to be rendered..or its static. Either way, it wont use all of your gpu's potential if it doesnt need to. But the clocks themselves shouldnt budge.
  12. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    Im wondering if the same Batman profile can be used for Crossfire. Havent tested any of the predefined profiles yet. Ive only tried AFR, 1x1, etc. None worked correctly I got the same results. Both 1x1 and AFR just spread the load but made shadows and light constantly flicker on gun. But gpus never went up to their true core clock speed. Only difference is that I didnt get any crashing. But no framerate increase.
  13. Low Framerate, High GPU Load

    I know youre intending that to the OP but my video card isnt ancient and Im getting low gpu usage in multiplayer games. In single player, when Im rendering the whole game, I get the normal 99% gpu usage, my framerate is 120-144 no problem. So single player/local operates functionally exactly as it should. Not so in MP. Doesnt matter if my cpu is at stock 4ghz or pushed up to 5.0ghz. Core clock is locked in Afterburner. My 3d settings are set. This is the only game that forces the clocks down. Ive tried using HWiNFO64 to "wake up" gpus as second measure against downclocking. Game still forces it down So far, the only way to get framerate and gpu usage up is to change the lower and upper boundaries for FPS in the .ini and that is only a minimal gain.
  14. Low Framerate, High GPU Load

    I wish I could keep my gpu usage at 90%. I cant. Its 40-60 percent and my core clock is being forced down Realistically you should be fine with a gpu upgrade. I was jsut in game with someone running an r9 270. You can find those used for $100. If it doesnt suit your needs turn around and resell it
  15. So I disabled AA and Im not sure I like the look. This is a tough call