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  1. Agreed. It's a great game mode but quite sensitive to terrain balance (for example Skorpo is really frickin impossible for US to get into the town once they're pushed back into the farmlands) so it'll be tricky to get right. Also, it's quite a different style of play to other game modes in terms for squad leading and working with other squads and squad leaders need to adjust to that - and that's still ongoing.
  2. To be fair the screenshots are 1440p - I don't really know what resolution you're expecting. Both shield/anchor points are held by US. None of the hexes connecting the shield/anchors are contested. The latter screenshot shows one of the connecting hexes captured by the enemy team, which should not be possible.
  3. Hello everyone! I was playing TC the other day and we were really struggling as US on Skorpo, however we managed to get right round and capture the enemy shield hex - hoping to cripple the enemy because we understood that they wouldn't be able to capture any more hexes before relieving their shield. https://imgur.com/a/DOU5Xuf However, as you can see from the second secreenshot there ^^ that they were somehow allowed to capture one of the connecting hexes and cut us off - this hex was not contested in any way during the capture of the shield. The second screenshot shows US in control of both sheild hexes, but also cut off in the middle - which should not even be possible? Have I misunderstood something about TC, or is this a bug?
  4. Sure, will send any overflow your way. Anyone else interested in receiving overflow can PM me too and I'll pass people along.
  5. I'm happy to do some 1-to-1 squad leader training if anyone would be interested in something like that. Free, of course. Drop me a PM and we can sort something out. I'll stress that 70% would be out-of-game theory, 10% in-game examples and 20% putting it into practice and ongoing support/questions/help for as long as required. I'd cover the whole gamut of Squad Leader'ing - beyond what to do, but why and how. I'll cover things you probably haven't even thought about and encourage you to think about it far more than you previously considered you might want to. It's the most intellectually interesting role in PR. Edit: I realise I only have 3 posts. I've been playing PR and Squad since forever. I'm a successful squad leader. I do it to win and I enjoy receiving praise at the end of the round. If people aren't joining my squad out of preference, then I'm doing something wrong. Edit 2: Having read this: +++++'s amazing guide on squad leading (via Karm) - it quite extensively covers most of what I have to say. If you'd like to read this and play alongside me, where I can explain some of what I do in a separate teamspeak or something, I can arrange that.
  6. alpha.joinsquad.com is bust too, returning a 503
  7. I just came home to try Squad for the first time after cocking about trying to register last night. :(