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  1. How to get on the SQUAD wagon?

    Ok guys, that settles it then, thanks for all the replys!
  2. How to get on the SQUAD wagon?

    Thx for the quick reply Mr. Putin sir.. Hows Russia?
  3. Hey guys! So i'm qurious about how to get started with SQUAD, i want to experience it first hand but don't really know how i can do this. I did read the Pre-Purchase info about the different backing and founding deals and some had the Alpha test in them, so is that the way, to back the devs with $70 which would get me in to experience it?! But in that case, what if it turnes out to not be something for me, I'm guessing there wont be a refund?! And should wait for the games release to buy it at a premium for which i could get a refund if it wasnt to my liking? Thx in advance.