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  1. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Just saw the Bluedrake42 video and checked the Squad Twitter, V7 hype!.. even though it'll be a while... uhh HYPE!!
  2. I never got my Perk Key

    support@joinsquad.com worked but my reply email came from support@offworldindustries.com So either of these two work, but I want to assume support@joinsquad.com will eventually stop working.
  3. I never got my Perk Key

    This issue has been resolved, thnx for the assistance, much appreciated!
  4. I never got my Perk Key

    Yes, I went through my emails with a fine tooth comb, I have nothing regarding the Perk Key. I have emails dating back to October 2015 (because I'm lazy and don't clean out my emails) and I have nothing regarding squad other than my Alpha and Early Access stuff.
  5. I never got my Perk Key

    Thanks, hopefully this will work.
  6. I never got my Perk Key

    Howdy, I'm not sure if this is the right place but, I recently saw the email for the in-game credits thing and I followed the instructions and linked my account, and I did some more looking and, I never got my Perk Key on the 29th of April, I've thoroughly gone through my emails and I only use one email address, I still have the email when I purchased the Squad Leader tier and I've been hyped for the founder bonuses but, I don't have those bonuses yet, I don't know what to do other than post here, but I never got the Perk Key email sent out on the 29th of April. If an admin or someone can help me that'd be much appreciated, because I spent a lot of money to get the founder tier, and by a lot, I mean I'm Australian and the conversion rate is very rough, I can provide all of the purchase emails if needed because I kept all of those. On 19/08/15 I purchased the Rifleman Tier. On 14/10/15 I got the Rifleman Upgrade to Squad Leader. On 21/10/15 I got my Alpha Key as well as registered on the forum to use it and play in the Alpha. On 5/12/15 I got the Steam Key, If I recall Correctly this was the release date of Squad. then nothing regarding squad in April in my massive email history And on June 30th I got the In-game Credits email. I'd really appreciate it if one of the members could help me out with this, like I said, I spent a lot of money trying to get early access and the bonuses. And yes, I went through my emails with a fine tooth comb multiple times, it's simply not there, only thing I can think of is because I got the Rifleman tier and upgraded to Squad Leader that it didn't count but I was lead to believe it did, I was told the Upgrade was to aide those who are tight on money so they could pre-order and upgrade later.
  7. My Computer shuts down suddenly while playing..

    This sounds similar to what I get when I render game levels and assets on my Laptop, It could be trying to strain itself so much to keep up with the game that it'll think it's overheating, or is overheating, therefore for me I need to regulate unplugging and plugging in my charger while rendering, but it could be anything, though definitely sounds like a heat issue. ^This, dust buildup and poor circulation is a major contributor to system stress and overheating, I clean out my heat sinks and fans on a monthly basis.