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  1. Looks like a quality update, look forward to seeing it in action. - Radio no longer enables spawns. - Radio enables a spawn point to be built. - Spawn points will be built in the form of HABs. - These new spawn points have an aesthetic of their own (Is this what you are referring too?). - They are also much larger, will change how spawning on FOBs works as a tactic. I am not arguing one way or the other; but surely at least read the update before posting something so vague and encompassin
  2. Looks fantastic mate. Admire the effort.
  3. Looks like there has been a crazy amount of work going into the development. Appreciated, fantastic work gents. Looking absolutely incredible. That teaser footage, lawd.
  4. Very enjoyable monthly recap. The game is coming along magnificently.
  5. Those vehicle shots are a thing of beauty. Kudos on the work.
  6. Nothing positive will come from this. Locked.
  7. critique

    You heard him, somebody volunteer to slap this bloke. Most of us here on the forum volunteer our time to deal with... this...
  8. Getting fed up with the amount of childish bickering I am seeing on these forums as of late. If you are debating something in a constructive manner related to the topic at hand; I will allow it. All this hot garbage is getting out of hand though. You lot just need to meet up on your lunch break, smash back your juice boxes and punch it out. While this behavior is comical to those displaying a more mature manner it is also just bloody frustrating. Grow up, the lot of you. If you are still unable to reply in a respectful and constructive manner then please follow these simple rules: If you see a silly post; ignore it. If somebody says your mother is fat; ignore it. If somebody says they like something you do not; ignore it. I am grumpy. I will begin to issue bans and warnings more often. I will begin to remove posts more often. Carry on.
  9. IN MY OPINION (On Topic); Dice just keeps rolling down hill as of late. I do like the setting and the increased destruction will always be good in my books. Top marks for presentation as always with DICE too. Appears lackluster and dull outside of that unfortunately. Still, I look forward to having a gander come open BETA. Remake 1942 please. Still, good news for the fans of what the Battlefield series has become. I am sure it will sell well. ---- As chance mentioned above, please try to act like something resembling a respectable human being. You are allowed to dislike something that others like and visa versa. You do not need to attack others for what they enjoy. I will punt you as far as I can if I feel you deserve it.
  10. This is just a recap of what they have been working on in April. Does not correlate to what is in the next patch and they will not all be implemented at the same time.
  11. Hopefully this postpones some of the planned community riots. Thanks Chuc.
  12. ... what? At least all the shit posting is consolidated.
  13. amd

    There has been improvements. Is it all fixed? No.
  14. Outside of smaller organised scrims it does not present the type of gameplay that a lot of SQUAD players are chasing, hence the reason they bought SQUAD. To me, with 20+ players, it just becomes a clusterfuck at the moment. I'd be playing BF / CoD if I wanted that. Once we see it expanded in the (possibly) not too distance future, this may change. It will be interesting to see how this opens the map up and how it affects the gameplay / player opinion of the map.
  15. Fancy. Nice work fellas.