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  1. Hi, for a while now I have been coding an opensource Admin control panel: https://github.com/acp-bundle/acp-java The newest version can be downloaded here: https://www.clundxiii.com/acp-java_2018-02-24_11-36-36.zip It is basically a java application that acts as a webserver. It is intended to be placed behind an apache or nginx proxy. Although I no longer host Squad myself and the main supported game is Project Reality, this Admin panel supports an online editable banlist and a way to pull steamids from a Forum Profile. It assembles an Admin Config which can be included in the RemoteAdminListHosts.cfg. Logging in works through a local profile (for administrative tasks) and through an OAuth2 based Forum login. Currently only IPS and xenforo are implemented, however I can implement more if needed. The ACP features a detailed and robust access system based on modules and functions within it. The Access System flawlessly integrates into the connected Forum based on User and User Groups. Planned features are for example a way to start/stop servers from the online interface. And maybe a rcon implementation if I find someone to support me This is all opensource! So help would be appreciated. But at the same time I would really love people to use it, so I offer personal support for setup and configuration for everyone. You can use this thread to request features or make an issue on the github repo: https://github.com/acp-bundle/acp-java/issues Clund
  2. Free Candy Van

    Good Luck Wicca!
  3. I updated the post with up-to date data. We are looking for new Admins to re-launch our server after some downtime cause by technical and internal issues! Apply now: https://www.alwaysbased.com/applicationform/member-application.10/form
  4. Server Name: Based! | Teamwork (60 Slots) Server Link: https://squad-servers.com/server/4294/ About Based: Here at Based, we strive to provide the highest quality of game play and servers possible. We also have an inviting, friendly community, which consists of numerous clans and affiliates from around the globe. We pride ourselves in our capacity to provide a well balanced, engaging, and (most importantly) fun atmosphere for users of all skill levels. Our diverse staff has been involved in the operation of various game servers (most notably Project Reality) for several years, and aims to take the experiences and principals we have accumulated to provide servers of the highest quality. Clans Inside Based: Anyone and everyone is welcome in the Based Community, and this is a list of some of our clans inside of Based. You can check out all of the clans and their unit pages here https://www.alwaysbased.com/units/. 1TB | 1st Traction Brigade DENCH | Dench [FCC] | First Class Crusaders <FA> | Fist Alpha Mongol | Mongol SH| Spearhead [TAC] | The Asset Clan VIS | Force Server Rules: here Ban Appeals: https://www.alwaysbased.com/applicationform/squad-ban-appeal.7/form Reports: https://www.alwaysbased.com/applicationform/report-a-player-admin.5/form Our Website: https://www.alwaysbased.com/ Our Teamspeak: ts.alwaysbased.com
  5. The newest update changed the query protocol. The server reports the wrong amount of player. I have no idea if this is intentionally or not. It looks like the server reports player with empty names https://github.com/KostyaEsmukov/GameQ3/pull/19/commits/8f6b6716587039c3573c619340069b8396298a7b
  6. Apparently the new update broke the query protocol a lot. I committed a temporary workaround, although a perfect solution will need to be found. Right now there is a large chunk of data in front of the player information and I have no idea how to determine the size, it seems to be variable. https://github.com/ClundXIII/GameQ3/commit/8f6b6716587039c3573c619340069b8396298a7b
  7. https://github.com/KostyaEsmukov/GameQ3/pull/18/ Protocol is now available in the official Repository.
  8. Map Project - "Neuburg"

    Added / updated a few screenshots
  9. Updated the Library. You can now get the names of the players. However there are still 8 byte of data where I have no clue how to decrypt them
  10. I have email contact with him. I will send a pull request once everything is done
  11. Hi all, I thought it would be nice to implement the query protocol from Squad into an PHP Opensource Library. I forked GameQ3 from GitHub and added a Driver for Squad. Right now it features general Status and some other useful Info and names of online Players Please keep in mind: !!DO NOT QUERY YOUR SERVER EVERY TIME SOMEONE VISITS YOUR WEBSITE!! It will make you website terrible slow and/or have some DDOS-like effect if your website has a lot of visitors. It might also be buggy. Make sure to have some caching, etc. If you need help developing this, pm me You can use this like this:
  12. Map Project - "Neuburg"

    Updated first post with a few screenshots
  13. Map Project - "Neuburg"