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  1. Vehicles will make maps seem smaller

    If i am not wrong we will get only 4x4km maps or bigger . So that should be ok .
  2. Alpha 4 Released

    THANKSSSS EDIT : Changed the lowest possible FOV to 90 degrees. cmon ..... i hope you are joking
  3. Is the EU community active?

    Almost every1 is speaking english . Since Squad release on steam i havent seen any squads speaking another language because they usually say it in their squad name. But 95% of the guys in this game are speaking english
  4. Welcome . From what i see you are a developer. Good luck and hope you will do a great work
  5. Developer Diary - London Trip

    i am really upset because i didnt come i think you had a great time ..
  6. How do you have 75 fov? i cant set it lower than 85.
  7. Come share a drink with some of the devs!

    30th.. seriously? rc vs 303rd :(((( i would come i am like 130 miles away but.....
  8. before i started to learn ue4 and mapping i watched these videos . When i saw them and irontaxi mapping on stream where he was doing the easyyyyyyyyyyy work i thought its so easy to make maps , now when i started to learn ue4 ...
  9. No Email Yet

    You should get it soon. Don't worry you should get it until squad goes live on steam
  10. That is bcs map is small i doubt it has more than 300m
  11. Perfect Ambush

  12. Release Time, not date

  13. Where are the girls at?

    I think its a type of alien?