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  1. As the title says, since the Discord button on top of the forums it's not working anymore, I would like to get a functional invite when possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. Problem solved, my mistake.
  3. First of all, thanks for bringing this up. I usually don't have problems like that, since I'm mostly playing as Squad Leader, but it happens constantly (and much more than before) that I find other SLs not communicating with each other, not participating into the initial organization, and doing basically whatever they want around the map. As soon as you start being stronger in comms, asking them what they are doing, their answer will always be like "We have already destroyed two enemy FOBs, we're ready to attack from 15 minutes" while they are right in the middle of the map doing nothing, so far away from the objective. This problem is partially solved in a good community server, I think, but only in part. That being said, and even if I'm not able to see it directly, I believe that this problem exists, and I also agree that a solution should be found. Do you have any idea about that?
  4. Time to give up the shovel

    I'm 100% with you, but I don't think I won't buy any early access game for this reason. However yes, the problem still remains and it's real, and I don't believe we are going towards a solution over here since the mechanics keep going into the easy/fast direction. We are all paying for that, Squad Leaders who try to build nice public squads, Medics looking for people not giving up while Marksmen are roaming around the entire map like children playing COD: this is just terrible. So, getting back to the post answer, out of the OT, I am sorry but I have to totally disagree with the OP.
  5. Thanks for your help! First, as I already said, it's been done and nothing changed. I'm not on my pc right now, but I will try the second fix in the days to come. Playing Mordhau, I discovered the same identical bug: I believe it should be fair to say that this problem is on the Unreal Engine side, will you be able to report it to the official UE support or do you want me to?
  6. Negative. Just to let you know: "deactivating" the second monitor solves the problem. (It's not a solution, imho)
  7. Hello there! Since the last update (v13) I have experienced a problem which never left me, and it’s the disappearance of the mouse cursor right after I start the game, no matter what settings or which screen I use. The only solution for me is to set the game on borderless or windowed, but since it’s unplayable with those settings (25-30 FPS drop) for me, I had to report this problem. I have already checked the integrity via Steam, uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled the game twice, but there was no difference in the problem. I hope to find a solution as soon as possible, in the meantime, I thank everyone who will help me. These are my specifications OS: Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17763 Build 17763 CPU: i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, driver 430.39 (latest stable) RAM: 32GB DDR4 Two Monitors @4K, only one is used to play, usually in 2K resolution. Thanks again
  8. We need you for the Squad Wiki!

    Go into Community Discord and ask Usgu to change names of a page.
  9. Squad Operations - Hardcore One Life Events

    Squad Ops is fucking outstanding Here is my feedback, played the Squad Ops HVT + Patrol Missions Let's start with this, the idea is great: You take a group of solid squaddies who wants to play seriously You allow them to use the spectator cam once they die You give them one life and some restriction (coming from a real situation) You give them some time to do a briefing And some time to play the objective You get their feedback and adjust your rules and restrictions The thing is simple, and of course, it's fucking awesome. If you are wondering why I'm saying it, the first thing I can tell you is "go hell play that!" . If you are still thinking that this isn't a good idea just keep reading this feedback. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start dividing the match into three parts: Preparation phase, Role-playing phase, Watch-the-movie phase. 1. Preparation phase In this phase you have to start getting knowledge of your objectives, and, of course you start to meet your squad members and leaders. It really depends on which side you've chosen, 'cause if you'll be a US you'll notice everybody is going to organize some kind of tactic and strategy to move on. On the other side, if you're playing, let's say Insurgent Forces, you won't be able to use your comms and, of course, this starts to create some of the best game preparation ideas that everyone can dive in, just to find a solution to the long-communication problem. Everyone starts screaming and asking who are the squad leaders, 'cause (hellno) you have no icons on them, everybody tries to think about messenger solutions, or signal smoke grenades! Here is where the things get planned. Get started, participate, and you'll meet role-playing players ready to do what you are supposed to do. Your heart rate is probably around 70 BPM. 2. Role-playing phase In this phase things can really turn on thousands of sides. That's the most beautiful part. You're one life, solider, and do you realize what do you mean to you? Constant fear, even if you are on your easy side. Constant looking everywhere 'cause you don't know where the enemies are. Constant use of hard covers and concealments, to get your ass safe. And, last but not least, you're thinking a lot before engaging, because if you do that, you know that the entire enemy faction will know your location and will start pushing to you in the most efficient way, 'cause SquadOps isn't for kids, those are solid players, as I already told. Here is where the things get fucked. Get your ass in cover, offer yourself to spot the enemy and turn back, offer yourself to be the messenger in case of no comms, think about how you can help the faction and how you can submit the enemies advantages to your initiative. Your heart rate is probably around 120/130BPM for the entire match length. 3. Watch-the-movie phase Now, if you have been playing as a kid, if you have made a wrong move or, simply, if you just followed an order with good skill but not enough to be alive, you're dead. This means that you are not allowed to get on the battlefield anymore. No more lives, no more pain in the ass, no more where the fuck the enemy is. You are just supposed to press SHIFT+P (spectator mode activation command): and here is where the solution starts, this is one of the most beautiful ideas of Mr. Lord Karmakut: problem with one lives games is that some of you will fuck everything off, will blame and suck as soon as get nailed. But, you do have the cam, and you do are allowed to hear what the guys are saying in local: which is fantastic. You understand the importance of being under hard covers, of the tactical movement that you're Squad Leader told you a hundred of times while you were breathing deeply, and thinking "why the fuck I'm doing this, I want to play, not to be a fucking marine". In the meanwhile you're having fun watching your friends and enemies going one around the other until they engage themselves or, of course, the objective is accomplished. That's awesome, the heart rate in this phase is extremely variable (it depends on how close your friends are to you), normally is around 90. Final thoughts I can add just some more suggestions, but not personal feedback or single mission feedback. There will be videos for that, and I don't want also to spoiler something that I loved to discover my first time. If you are reading this, and you didn't feel you want to join Squad Ops, please do me a favour: Call every single friend you enjoyed playing Squad with Tell him to come with you on a Squad Ops event Come here and put your feedback If you, or one of your friends, will not enjoy playing a Squad Ops match, well you're invited in Rome, Italy and I will personally offer you a great italian pizza; But only if you didn't like it, otherwise, write down here your thoughts. With love and peace thank you Karmakut Doctor Snailer
  10. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    +1000!!! Hyyyyyypeeeeeeeeee!
  11. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Not material dependent yet, I'll wait for the new SDK to implement that
  12. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Show me what you've done Polanski! I'm not an artist, so my textures are 10 seconds of work, I'm a programmer! Keep me updated!
  13. Normandy Map

    No, that's UNREAL Great job dude, keep on!