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  1. We need you for the Squad Wiki!

    Go into Community Discord and ask Usgu to change names of a page.
  2. Squad Operations - Hardcore One Life Events

    Squad Ops is fucking outstanding Here is my feedback, played the Squad Ops HVT + Patrol Missions Let's start with this, the idea is great: You take a group of solid squaddies who wants to play seriously You allow them to use the spectator cam once they die You give them one life and some restriction (coming from a real situation) You give them some time to do a briefing And some time to play the objective You get their feedback and adjust your rules and restrictions The thing is simple, and of course, it's fucking awesome. If you are wondering why I'm saying it, the first thing I can tell you is "go hell play that!" . If you are still thinking that this isn't a good idea just keep reading this feedback. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start dividing the match into three parts: Preparation phase, Role-playing phase, Watch-the-movie phase. 1. Preparation phase In this phase you have to start getting knowledge of your objectives, and, of course you start to meet your squad members and leaders. It really depends on which side you've chosen, 'cause if you'll be a US you'll notice everybody is going to organize some kind of tactic and strategy to move on. On the other side, if you're playing, let's say Insurgent Forces, you won't be able to use your comms and, of course, this starts to create some of the best game preparation ideas that everyone can dive in, just to find a solution to the long-communication problem. Everyone starts screaming and asking who are the squad leaders, 'cause (hellno) you have no icons on them, everybody tries to think about messenger solutions, or signal smoke grenades! Here is where the things get planned. Get started, participate, and you'll meet role-playing players ready to do what you are supposed to do. Your heart rate is probably around 70 BPM. 2. Role-playing phase In this phase things can really turn on thousands of sides. That's the most beautiful part. You're one life, solider, and do you realize what do you mean to you? Constant fear, even if you are on your easy side. Constant looking everywhere 'cause you don't know where the enemies are. Constant use of hard covers and concealments, to get your ass safe. And, last but not least, you're thinking a lot before engaging, because if you do that, you know that the entire enemy faction will know your location and will start pushing to you in the most efficient way, 'cause SquadOps isn't for kids, those are solid players, as I already told. Here is where the things get fucked. Get your ass in cover, offer yourself to spot the enemy and turn back, offer yourself to be the messenger in case of no comms, think about how you can help the faction and how you can submit the enemies advantages to your initiative. Your heart rate is probably around 120/130BPM for the entire match length. 3. Watch-the-movie phase Now, if you have been playing as a kid, if you have made a wrong move or, simply, if you just followed an order with good skill but not enough to be alive, you're dead. This means that you are not allowed to get on the battlefield anymore. No more lives, no more pain in the ass, no more where the fuck the enemy is. You are just supposed to press SHIFT+P (spectator mode activation command): and here is where the solution starts, this is one of the most beautiful ideas of Mr. Lord Karmakut: problem with one lives games is that some of you will fuck everything off, will blame and suck as soon as get nailed. But, you do have the cam, and you do are allowed to hear what the guys are saying in local: which is fantastic. You understand the importance of being under hard covers, of the tactical movement that you're Squad Leader told you a hundred of times while you were breathing deeply, and thinking "why the fuck I'm doing this, I want to play, not to be a fucking marine". In the meanwhile you're having fun watching your friends and enemies going one around the other until they engage themselves or, of course, the objective is accomplished. That's awesome, the heart rate in this phase is extremely variable (it depends on how close your friends are to you), normally is around 90. Final thoughts I can add just some more suggestions, but not personal feedback or single mission feedback. There will be videos for that, and I don't want also to spoiler something that I loved to discover my first time. If you are reading this, and you didn't feel you want to join Squad Ops, please do me a favour: Call every single friend you enjoyed playing Squad with Tell him to come with you on a Squad Ops event Come here and put your feedback If you, or one of your friends, will not enjoy playing a Squad Ops match, well you're invited in Rome, Italy and I will personally offer you a great italian pizza; But only if you didn't like it, otherwise, write down here your thoughts. With love and peace thank you Karmakut Doctor Snailer
  3. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    +1000!!! Hyyyyyypeeeeeeeeee!
  4. Snow Adventures!

    Great work!
  5. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Not material dependent yet, I'll wait for the new SDK to implement that
  6. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Show me what you've done Polanski! I'm not an artist, so my textures are 10 seconds of work, I'm a programmer! Keep me updated!
  7. Normandy Map

    No, that's UNREAL Great job dude, keep on!
  8. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    There is a float variable for that, it's explained on the video, actually XD. Maybe not so well If you change the green variabile (which is called something like Track Lifetime) default value to: 0 = they will last forever >0 = duration in seconds
  9. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2- Blueprint SDK mod Hey community, I got someone for you: This function will add footprint tracks in your SoldierAnimBP blueprint, you will just need to copy the files and it will work! (I have to say it, I know, it sounds badly) Please be advice that this is an individual initiative and not related and/or suggested by OWI, use at your own risk. Features Activate footprint tracks with a blueprint function, with the following options: Boolean variable to activate it Boolean variable to debug when a foot hits the ground (and print it on the screen) Float variable to set the lifetime of the track's decals v0.2 Solved issues Footprint visible trought player model : STATUS FIXED How-to License You are FREE to use this function at your disposal, please give the attribution. You are allowed to use all these stuff ONLY for the Squad game (joinsquad.com) by OWI. Download link (v0.2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1YZkmMecIFQZFlIamdBOHp5NkE/view?usp=sharing Reddit release post: https://www.reddit.com/r/squadmodding/comments/4gjb7j/snailers_foot_tracks_v01_blueprint_sdk_mod/
  10. Community content WIP thread!

    I'm going to release the first pre-pre-pre-alpha version of the "Snailer's Footprint Tracks" blueprint mod! ==== EDIT ==== RELEASED
  11. Mapping contest

    I'm already working for a modded Jensen's Range
  12. TorniQuetHD's Squad Gameplay Videos 1080p60fps

    Great job TorniQuet! That's a good one
  13. I am here since the pre-Alpha, trying to stay behind (for bad english skills reasons) and to see how a good managed game can form a beautiful community, and, honestly, I think this is the moment to say that this is the best community I ever seen It's simply wondeful, and it's outstanding how people is contributing in so many useful ways, it's just checking every single post on this forum to feel in the right place. Everybody tries to understand the other's point of view, allowing often to get some positive feedback, or even better in my opinion, asking them deepenings about their arguments. The most written answer to uncompleted questions is "please, elaborate". Do you guys realize how important is it? This is the point. One of the things that I do like most: The structure of this community, in opposition to other communities, doesn't just ask to its members to reformulate their questions but always to elaborate them. We may say thanks to the devs, to @Para and his videos, to @Usguand his user manual (and the wiki too), to @=AMG=Cheesy_LeScrub and his tactical guide, to @Tartantycoand the War Academy, to @RossyRaider and his awesome leading skills, to the awesome Modding WIP guys, and I would continue 'til the last bad guy who's in here and who's trying to contribute in his own, original, way. I want to say thanks to who is giving me tons of reasons to go deep in my game thoughts, to collaborate and do positive chatting, always improving my squad leading and personal skills: a friend, @3e58i. Every time I join a server, every time I read something over here, I do realize that I'd like to see this effort in all the other internet (and RL too) places. It's true, there are also bad guys, and there will always be, but their consideration is so low that the community itself is naturally kicking them out, for structural requirements. And even if this is just an alpha, this game is outstanding for its own community. No AAA title, no billionaire budget game can beat this awesome community, and that's the reason why I'll keep playing Squad and its alpha bugs , with or without vehicles, with or without choppers. One day, I know, they'll come. All of you, this is Doctor Snailer, Battaglione San Marco Joinsquad.it community, Thank you
  14. Squad Quick shots

    I ain't got the sense of the last one , but the others are pretty funny!
  15. DIY CQB in Squad

    1 - Great to know that your not shy anymore! 2 - True that it helps, and it also give people the opportunity to see what you can do with some effort for training purposes. 3 - I'm waiting for the SDK to come, I'll post a topic in a while, where I'll ask what kind of stuff people would want from a modded training scenario Quick Tip: Raise up the volume dude !