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  1. Unplayable fps Issue

    You answered your own question. If you want a PC for gaming then go for Intel/Nvidia. It's like an investment (I know) but Im sure you'll not regret it.
  2. v11 Testing!

    I've been playing for a while and I noticed that Squad is using 14GB of 16...Maybe a memory leak?
  3. Some Fonts' Sizes are Changed

    Same here.
  4. Alpha 10 Released

    No, im not kidding. I have a very good hitreg with this ping that I mentioned before, and I can assure you that I am VERY "freaky" on these kind of thing and when I know that I am in a competitive disadvantage I try to minimize the ping by playing on near servers or in the worse case I drop the game. But in this game I have no problem at all. BTW, I would never play a MP FPS game over a WiFi connection.
  5. Alpha 10 Released

    What? I've always play with 170/180+ ping and the hitreg is pretty good, you should check your connection/ISP
  6. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    3 burst is much more effective and precise for a medic. If you are good with 1 or 2 taps you'll get an enemy kill, but if you are a trigger happy the only thing you can get is .....Nothing but waste of ammo. For me is a great addition for the game and the medic class.
  7. Open local mic option please (:

    ⇧ This ⇧ Nuff Said.
  8. Open local mic option please (:

    A solid.......NO.
  9. How old are Squaddies? - Questionnaire

    Ver. 3.6
  10. Alpha 9.12 Released

    Because V10 is expected for 2020 and they must make money in a game based on promises.....Like those "3 weeks".... Sry if some fanboy get mad.
  11. Server Squad Latinoamérica (Argentina/Chile)

    Hola que tal, el server no existe mas. Con respecto a este juego.....La gran mayoria lo dejamos de jugar por la falta de actualizaciones y por el humo que venden con respecto a las animaciones. (Desde el año pasado que las vienen anunciando y al dia de hoy solo dicen "3 semanas" y al cumplirse dicho plazo jamas llegan) Lo unico que hacen es tirar imagenes y .gif en los recap de cosas que TAMPOCO llegan nunca y de hacerlo sera en 2 o 3 meses..... Saludos.
  12. Any chance to see some of THIS in Squad?

    Yes, you're right ETF is trying.....Here such things like on the video are "unnecessary and impractical" but you know the drill, if we don't make a riot these things never gonna be in the game, simple as that. Many people in here just want a game simple and easy just with a few immersive things with a good sound but nothing more. Me? I want the best game ever. (Realistic, Immersive, with a learning curve & teamplay) If I just wanna shot something I have Battlefield. And don't get me wrong, the game is good but lacks in details that makes a superb military fps.
  13. V10 leeks are here! Release close??

    2020.....With luck
  14. Any chance to see some of THIS in Squad?

    Yeah could be in the future but not now, meanwhile in Squad we have 80% arcade 20% sim.....