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  1. Vehicles - What I expect - Release Date

    Also... i swear, I should have a founder tag and such... I've been a backer since I'd say around this time last year. Figured it out, had to link steam account.
  2. Vehicles - What I expect - Release Date

    I don't care when vehicles come into the game, I'm just glad since 6.3 I'm actually able to run the game at a stable framerate. =D
  3. Squad development scheme.

    Oh i'm sure anything bad you have to say about battlefront I'll agree with you... for a battlefront game, it's complete trash... if there were no battlefront 1 or 2... and this was the first one... it'd still be trash cause it lacks content.. like space battles etc etc. But regardless of what content it has or not... It's still a really fun game to play with friends.
  4. Squad development scheme.

    Raul, there ain't nothing wrong with battlefront.. other than it being super, super casual and lacking content... other than those 2 things... I have fun with SWBF.
  5. Squad development scheme.

    I'll only have to buy shit if I want a new map.. and 100km square... and a few new guns and vehicles... not worth it.. I'll just take the free fixes and stick with original arma.. i don't need some crappy little island map.
  6. Squad development scheme.

    Wrong... Fixes etc etc will be free... you pay for weapons and vehicles and a new map. Just to be clear, as with our previous releases, we're maintaining a 'features are free, content is premium' doctrine. That means all platform improvements and additions (e.g., the 3D editor) are available to everyone, but significant new content (e.g., Tanoa itself) will be tied to ownership of Arma 3 Apex.
  7. Squad development scheme.

    I wouldn't even go by how many people are playing.. a good majority of the users are based out of europe... a good majority out of north america... so there's two different play groups right there... 2000 of those people are either north american or some sort of european.. switch 12 hours.... the next group of 2000 is going to be from where ever it's day time... So all together thats a good 4000 people... this game is going to be far from dead any time soon. :)
  8. Never heard of PR

    Thanks... I have it installed and bought bf2 on sale a long time ago just to play it... never got into it though... and now i have a useless copy of bf2 on steam and the stand alone PR installed... Have yet to play a full game in it though. :P
  9. Well last time I tried to use a weapon with a bipod... it wouldnt let me and told me to buy the DLC.
  10. arma did DLC terribly... Can't deploy that bipod without that marksmen DLC... 20 bucks to be able to deploy bipods... No thanks. Unless it's changed.... But when it first came out, you couldnt use bipods unless you bought that DLC.
  11. Never heard of PR

    I don't like PR, lol. :P
  12. DLC didn't become a term until steam really hit it off in like 04' before that... everything was an expansion and came in a box on a disc cause there were no online distributors.