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  1. Pretty sure if most people could play the game smoothly at 60fps then there would be a lot more players online. Sadly UE4 and is just another one of those half baked game engines that promise the world and under deliver to the mass market.
  2. Or maybe people should just face reality that UE4 is a steaming pile of garbage favored by game developers for its simple point and click tools? Every game that uses UE4 has the same issues, the issues of performance are not SQUAD specific. IMHO the quicker the devs port SQUAD to an engine that actually works like Lumberyard the better off ALL players will be... I have little time for people's hocus pocus ways of looking at revision numbers in the *hope* that UE4 will somehow get better on next release... Instead why don't you show me some real world performance increases.
  3. No the problem won't be fixed, low/bad fps is here to stay indefinitely thanks to that poxy engine SQUAD uses called UE4. SQUAD devs have little to no control over FailEngine4 internal workings. Meanwhile over at Lumberyard it runs smooth as can be...
  4. Never. It's common ploy by game developers these days to stay in "Alpha" or "Beta" phase as it allows them a convenient and easy way to dismiss any public issues or backlash with their game. Just have a look at how long the SQUAD UE4 FPS issue been around for now? Nearly 2 years?
  5. Personally i've found running the game option "Resolution Scale" at "2.00x" and everything else off/low has given me the best graphic quality and maximum FPS possible for my AMD rig. I have a 960 and amd 6 core1090T @ 3.5ghz. It happily sits at 40-50fps.
  6. I hate this "rush to win" thats recently emerged in SQUAD. Devs must do somthing to slow it down or change it.
  7. It's a good idea but...
  8. So you're playing at -430 FPS? Have you worked out time travel?
  9. Flap this idea of an e-pinis reward system, Its just for kids anyway...
  10. Hopefully soon, v8 is getting a little stale....
  11. AMD could sell their poxware for $1 each, I still wouldn't touch the stuff. Burnt once, won't be burned agian...
  12. Thats one of the main reasons why online games, particularly FPS games have inbuilt server side player ping kickers.
  13. +1 Personally I dont like UE4. I am not impressed with its performance or features and think its a very over rated by fanbois. I am sure UE4 is a great engine if you're creating a basic single player indie game or small multiplayer game. That said the Squad devs have left the door open to using another game engine if need be (although touted as very unlikely). Will be interesting to see how Amazon's Lumberyard engine progresses. Mixing the quality of the Crysis engine, but with the support and documentation from Amazon.
  14. Leopard 2 gets my vote.
  15. Answer: Your server provider must not be good as you think they are then.