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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Thank you, and keep the good work!!
  2. I have to confess I have killed like 3 people after bandaged because we were under fire and in the rush to revive and move to cover I ended shooting the guy I just bandaged :(
  3. Barrett M82 50.cal

    I play a lot of marksman/reckon in ARMA 3 and the most of the time I'm marking AA, tank's, Radio towers, troop movements, laser designations, etc. on the map so my team air and anti tank squads can take them with precision strikes, only shoot high value targets or when I need to relocate and there is a really small squad in the way but I try to stay unnoticed as much as I can, because if I shoot I'm alone against a full squad is really likely to end up dead cause I'm alone they can suppress me and rush me and kill me. I never end top score but I do an invaluable work for my team. I think my binoculars/rangefinders/laser designators are deadliest than my rifle, and they can save many lives too.
  4. The Squad User Manual

    Thank you guy and more thank you to the brother from Argentina who translate it to Spanish.
  5. Very nice and informative video.
  6. Hello I finally buy myself the "Squad Leader Tier package", I never played project reality but I have a lot of hours on ARMA, ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 and a lot of Insurgency so I feel that I will be at home in this game. To the devs thank you for developing this game and all my support to them I'm exited right now downloading the alpha to test it. See you guys in game P.D.: My first language is Spanish, so sorry if my English is not so good and I wish you could understand what I'm writing :unsure: