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  1. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Yeah, we're less similar to Squad overall and more like a realistic FPS version of Company of Heroes. Also, thanks for the good conversation and the support.
  2. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    I have to say, I make the stuff look beautiful but I'm working with two guys who are hugely knowledgeable when it comes specifically to UE4 optimization and workflows. We've capped our specs to match that of BF1 and we're hugely mindful of our VRAM budget. Without getting too boring, we're implementing a lot of AAA workflows around channel packing textures, wrapping where we can and forcing MIP map streaming low where it doesn't need to be high. At the moment we're feeling really good about frames per second. People gotta be able to play the game if we want them to buy it! I recommend subscribing to our website - we're going to be dropping some media in the next two weeks!
  3. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    My thoughts exactly.
  4. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    I suppose the key thing is that being a standalone game allows us a completely new approach and control over the way the game is built from the ground up. Our graphics, art direction, networking, menus, HUD, UI and base framework all act and feel very different to Squad, or a title built with the SDK. Our weapons feel different, our entire metagame is very, very different, the way our player organisation works is also different (Platoon types and a Commander), as is the player role split, functionality and even the way weapons feel to fire (ours is more like RO2). My intention has never been to recreate Squad as WW2. The largest reason for this is because I feel that there are opportunities to innovate in many places specific to that conflict and in the final delivery of the title. Stylistically, I also have a different approach to making a game. If anything, Hell Let Loose takes elements from PR circa 2009-2010, combines in with RO2 gunplay and puts it together with a WW2 tailored metagame.
  5. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Yeppppppp. Revealed at last. Mind you, it's taken on a life of it's own now. It's basically my ideal WW2 game that nobody really wanted to try to make. Plus, I like cohesive art direction. We still have a way to go in some key areas (thankfully not programming!) but I'm excited to show more when we can. It's going to be a fun year.
  6. Way, way, way back PR had the ability for SLs to drop RPs with unlimited respawns. That created a larger battle dynamic and generally increased the level and intensity of the action. It also greatly increased Squad sustainability on the front line. Then, there was a release that limited the RPs and they took a backseat to FOB placement. The entire meta then shifted to purely finding and destroying FOBs (as you see in Squad). That made the game much more all-or-nothing and often less experienced teams would always end up spawning main purely because there was no other way to sustain a front line. Additionally, Heavy Armor squads, Logi squads, sabotage squads, CAS squads and trans squads would often sit in main and take a break while they waited for their assets to respawn.
  7. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    That will be their half-cooked attempt at stealing the BF1 audience.
  8. Squad Leading Guide with +++++

    Yeah, I've been so busy developing my own stuff that my meta analysis of Squad has become super outdated. I'll try and get back into it, but a lot of the time I only ever write these things out of frustration and even then after I've broken down exactly the cause of my frustration hahaha.
  9. Photoscan Tech in Games and Beyond

    I think BF1 really demonstrated this. If you observed the models up close, each one was generated from Photoscans. However, the way the camera (eye) worked in concert with the lighting meant that instead of it looking 1:1 photoreal, it had a strange (but in my opinion enjoyable) scale model feel to it. On my project, we've used photoscans where it has made sense. However, in my opinion the best thing you can do to maintain consistency is use good palette control to curate your art direction. You can have all the beautiful photoreal assets in the world, but if they don't sit well together you'll still have an ugly scene.
  10. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    Yes, we're entirely standalone from the ground up. No SDK was used. As such, our weapon mechanics feel closer to Red Orchestra than Squad. EDIT: To not be disrespectful to the Squad guys, I'm going to hold off talking about our title here further. Thanks for the interest - we're going to be announcing shortly.
  11. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    As a long time PR player, I've always been keen to do a very different meta game. Having followed the progress of PS, I feel that we are a very, very different game to them. Obviously though, we wish them the absolute best.
  12. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    We're playing with this mechanic at the moment. If it happens more than once every three or four games then something is wrong (we're talking 1 in 10000 rounds). Hitting reload on a jam will play an animation of the character clearing the jam. Jamming will be more of an easter egg in its rarity and much rarer than it's actual historical likelihood. It will also effect machineguns more than any other weapon type, exactly as it did in real life. Similar to changing barrels out.
  13. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    Thanks guys. We've paid huge attention to the weapon, movement and UI experience in order to make sure it's as smooth as can be. We've also used BF1 as a benchmark for visual quality. We're excited to show everyone what we've got.
  14. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    Thanks man, it's been a long time coming! We've worked very hard on out meta game so it'll be cool to see the response.
  15. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    Hi all, Just wanted to quickly update this thread to let you know we're about to announce the title I've discussed here. Our official website can be found HERE. All media on the website is taken from in-game screenshots. Cheers,