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  1. Still getting a jittery aim [VIDEO]

    @RipGroove can you post a screen shot of your settings?
  2. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    it sounds as if it was recorded in a open space/range which captures the echo. open space new sound
  3. Do rpg frag rounds damage vehicles?

    frag rounds do cosmetic damage to light skinned vehicles.
  4. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    very true, i just like how loud it is. the video is loud regardless of microphone you'd think the real deal would be a lot louder.
  5. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    here's some m4 sounds. m4 sounds
  6. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    it seems to have a more echo-e flavor. i hope all of the assault rifles get more of a high pitch ear piercing sound when being shot at close range.
  7. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    are there any good tutorials for reproducing gun sounds?
  8. Disable suppression from friendly fire ?

    i just stumbled across this clip and thought about this thread lol. disable suppression lol.
  9. DMZ

    Has it been pondered to have a dmz style buffer to not allow enemies within an specific distance to pass around main bases.
  10. DMZ

    just an idea to cut down on base raping/camping Sent from your SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  11. null_value

    Sooo you want to play Quake Wars?? @Rybec lol you're that no recoil turd. i prefer the invisible airborne mk19.
  12. The FoB radio is so ****!ng loud is it possible it can have its own slider bar in audio.
  13. vehicles are to weak

    yea more BF4 yeaHHHH!!
  14. Press M for map

    i think the idea is one is deliberate and the other is more of a reference.
  15. Fob radio Squelch..

    talking about the FoB radio that you spawn on. sry
  16. Fob radio Squelch..

    Anyone else get me??
  17. how do i rank here?

    make many posts or replies in the forums.
  18. New player, having a hard time.

    what cat said.lol
  19. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    @ChanceBrahh Have you decided to fill the emptiness with foilage, low fog or dust?
  20. New player, having a hard time.

    @supermagikman i have learned that: o FoV set at 90 is best no matter what size monitor you use. o AA, setting at T-FXAA is the best for my old eyes. (not the stereotyped"max everything out !!") o Super Sampling, leave at 0. you can try the different levels of SS but it will hit your frames hard. These settings have drastically helped me see the enemy better.
  21. Weapons for the special forces faction.

    360 no scopes cant wait
  22. Fob emplacement: the emplacement of fobs have a specific limit to as how many can be put down by SL before the middle-most objective has been captured or neutralized? Piss poor planning Ammo crate: making the ammo crates have a life span? 8 x rpg's 8 x frag grenades 12 x mags for rifle 4 x belt/drum ammo 10 x smoke grenade (if that crate expires then a cool down of 400 seconds to place a new one.)
  23. Limit Fobs and ammo.

    i'm sure there's something cooking in the background for fob limitations/restriction then again maybe not. some servers turning into "lets race to set fobs everywhere with the intent of surrounding them." i know it's more of a human issue rather than game logic. sad, people always looking for the easy way.
  24. GTX 1080 VISUAL BUGS need help!

    Did you get the 1080 with the thermal pad mod installed or no?
  25. One squad dedicated themselves to run around and deploy fobs rather than play the objective. we were absolutely hammered. understanding emplace fob's around a secondary objective but damn, this is stupid.