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  1. - Steam name same as in-game name. - Volume control for other players (Radio) - Ambient sounds: Prayer call / Angry north Korean, etc... - Locals who travel / Work in the area - Peak over half walls when aiming down sights (within 1ft of wall)
  2. is it me or am i just crazy? It seems the distance the sights (m68/iron) are to far away. It's as if I'm wielding a sword. when first playing insurgency the whole, holding shift to gain focus and clarity for a precision shot is neat. In sqd, the time required to zoom and focus seems to take forever. Maybe it's in the works. I think it would beneficial if when the weapon is shouldered your sight picture would be 75% of the zoom-focus, then when shift is held your focus and clarity zoom would kick in for the remaining 25%. Big bang games are all about the ADS and your practically looking inside their throat. my 13 cents lol.
  3. Spawn protection..

    this afternoon was silly, Two guys were just camping the spawn from 25.1 meters away and just killing everyone. Mainly due to glitch of not being able to spawn at main base, had no choice. oh well
  4. Welcome Comrade, HooHah!!
  5. I played with you today, your doing great. We're all seeing how tough it is to herd cats. It's tough to lead a group of randoms who all want to move to an objective in there own direction. If you're e lucky you'll have a few that are willing to go where you want. One thing to remember is if your a SL, allow the men to move a little ahead of you so you can be a command and control element. They do the heavy lifting while you coordinate.
  6. Anti-spawn..

    Can't seem to find anything on it about someone standing on radio( main base or rally point) disallowing spawning. Seems to be trolls most of the time versus a glitch.
  7. I enjoyed all of the DF series mainly DF:LW & DF2, and then my account was hackerd. Thus beginning a downward spiral into the MoH series. Somedays i wonder if my 5$ donation was enough.
  8. What do you guys think of this?? Hit markers

    Silence is bliss. Or old school Serious Sam headshot, head explodes and character runs around headless spewing blood 30 feet in the air for 7 seconds lol.
  9. Spacebar prone..

    Pressing the crouch button understandably to get out of crouch no problem. Didn't know if it was possible to get out of prone via spacebar(jump) mainly for when the spit hits the fan, figuring the spacebar is more naturaly positioned to do so.
  10. The natural thing to do after conducting first aid is bring up your weapon (non-medic role). Medics job is to medicate first shoot second, i believe.
  11. See who is talking on the Map-

    Can the enemy hear blufor if they are within range and using local voice?
  12. Bad Frag

    Happened to me 4 times yesterday. Throwing out of certain 3 x 3 windows, grenades bounce back. The point of aim and point of release two different animals. I'm sure the squad gods are nugging away.
  13. Adaptive ADS

    When is this supposedly being implimented? Can't wait, it's constantly getting me killed.
  14. I purchased the squad leader tier last week and still have not received the email with key. I emailed Keith about it, but no response. Any idea
  15. Haven't received key..

    . I digress I have secured the key. Weird, email just says squad. But was not able to filter squad, join squad, [email protected] Or anything I had to dig through 400 emails lol.
  16. Acog feedback

    The tip of the front sight post shouldn't obstruct the view of the reticle, if anything it would be just below the 800m cross. Is it setup to be zeroed through iron sights primarily and doesn't have the smarts to realize the mounted scope with slightly adjusted zero?