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  1. Canadian Army

    They've been working on it for a while now.
  2. Sorry for kicking thy dead horse. So in theory the better the server hardware, the better/lower latency correct?
  3. Taliban and RKG's

    i can understand the placeholders lol. It was awesome to fight against the bearded ninjas. I hated and loved the RKG's. Absolute deterrent for vehicles attempting to slide all up inside populated areas BF3/4 style. lol
  4. Taliban and RKG's

    What happened to the Taliban and RKG's? I miss them dearly.
  5. New Player shopping for computer!

    @Kevin38 also check your area for a type of sales network. its a localized craigslist type of animal. my area has (LSN)
  6. Soldier career

    little tabasco goes a long way. funny when some follks cant fathom how or what to do with a bare rifle. " its brokded sarge, aint no lookin scope." lol how did our fathers and grandfathers make through wars.
  7. Soldier career

    see, crayons aren't poisionous. lol
  8. Soldier career

    @Fandango831 lol, " The US military issued every soldiers with thermal 8x powered scope laser tomahawks in the iRaq war didnt they, isnt that how they won?
  9. GTX1080 low FPS woes

    for the 3770 not K edition that is normal frames.
  10. Al Basrah Night - Let the Chaos Begin

    Didn't they able to fix that in insurgency?
  11. Al Basrah Night - Let the Chaos Begin

    " No nvg no night. " lol cmon be a man.
  12. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    @ZXD_SHO-SHIN how are you not worried about everything when moving around? and a sniper would make it more of a threat? @Hotpokkaminny Since you want it in the game i guess i'll have to put it in the next update.
  13. i thought tanks and apc's were infantry.
  14. FOB radios getting removed through walls

    it might be designed that way, the more saturated enemy near a fob dries up the water hole. still allowing the remaining occupants to fight to the death.