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  1. have you tried tinkering with your graphic settings to get the most frames.
  2. Now the devs have more work ahead. new pistol
  3. arma 3's head bob was too much for me had to set it at 10%.
  4. ive got the dumb. lol I've only had the pleasure of meeting 3 since v3.
  5. wow, must be a regional issue.
  6. it was "worth" the hype when i was playing v3-v6 with a fx 8350 running at 20fps. you do realize pr was built from a game that was already 60 fps reachable? yes/no?
  7. the higher the SS = higher tax on overall system in current state. using your cpu with those settings i could see weaker fps.
  8. definitely your cpu. post a screenshot of your graphic settings.
  9. you don't think its the mouse possibly dying. what are your pc specs?
  10. damn millennials and their participation trophies.
  11. 60mm mortars will be your area attack. organic is key.
  12. free or paid version of BD?
  13. maybe the devs will implement something in the Rcon to disable optics, excluding the marksman.
  14. This here
  15. yes, your cpu is the culprit.