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  1. it might be designed that way, the more saturated enemy near a fob dries up the water hole. still allowing the remaining occupants to fight to the death.
  2. yes
  3. here is what he's using specs: AMD 1800x Stock speeds GTX 1080 FE Stock speeds 32GB DDR4 2x16 at 2133mhz (3200kit, but won't boot. Running at 2133mhz) Asus crosshair VI Hero Mobo 960 pro 512GB NVME SSD 1800X Squad
  4. I see the good idea fairy has arrived. Those who test the Awesome coming from Devs.
  5. @Major Trouble lol i had too. i'm hopeful for the upcoming updates for ryzen, i miss my old 1090t. I loved the functionality of it, but then i bought a 8350 expecting it to blow out the 2600k's and 3770's.
  6. 70/30, thats close to what i figured. i figured 82% content creation, 18.5% gaming and .5% bsod. i dont like steve, steve's a hippie, get a haircut hippie and a job while you're at it..
  7. ive already purchased 14 1800x's and 32 770k's. just need people to test them for me.
  8. What happened next will shock you. Dunno, just wondering if any brave soul stepped up and purchased one and tried it out. i can find a handful of usernames here and steam forums ranting about ryzen curing cancer, but no one has spoke up.
  9. lol ive had amd stock for almost 10 years, its been painful to say the least. im hopeful though.
  10. what @RipGroove stated, i'm sticking with my 4790k for the moment. until amd implements the single thread technology as intel has. in other news, my amd stock has gone down.
  11. maybe its a missing windows update, since its a fresh/upgrade install. can you screen shot the error and post.
  12. i hope so,allt this hype happened before. (phenom and bulldozer), let us not forget. until something comes out and destroys the 4790k, i'm gonna hold.
  13. i was hoping for amd to step up and knock the leather off the ball. reports are stating it does leaps and bounds on overall multi-tasking but nothing about leaps and bounds on single thread. maybe/hopeful that the next major update from ue4 will correct/balance load of cpu to gpu for greatest effect for performance. It's unfortunate AAA game company's constantly push for the newest graphics engine to be prettier and more reliant on heavier hardware. Versus how it used to be, when a game was produced around every 2-5 years. Back then you didn't have to worry about your hardware being useless after 2 years.
  14. It's not looking good for Ryzen in terms of Squad atm.