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  1. i hope so,allt this hype happened before. (phenom and bulldozer), let us not forget. until something comes out and destroys the 4790k, i'm gonna hold.
  2. i was hoping for amd to step up and knock the leather off the ball. reports are stating it does leaps and bounds on overall multi-tasking but nothing about leaps and bounds on single thread. maybe/hopeful that the next major update from ue4 will correct/balance load of cpu to gpu for greatest effect for performance. It's unfortunate AAA game company's constantly push for the newest graphics engine to be prettier and more reliant on heavier hardware. Versus how it used to be, when a game was produced around every 2-5 years. Back then you didn't have to worry about your hardware being useless after 2 years.
  3. It's not looking good for Ryzen in terms of Squad atm.
  4. " Choppers were prob the best part of PR. Shooting them down too. " so you're already bored/tired of the x-axis fighting. got it.
  5. Reading this entire topic, the underlying theme is. "When are we getting choppers?" sad, just sad.
  6. stereo is the way to go. virtual is great for some games. but time will tell.
  7. disable voip at the end of the match(scoreboard), solved.
  8. i'ts the level of detail that's most stringent. 3 days to render that model.
  9. i figured that some of yall would read "pesh murga" lol
  10. yea i figured its an issue of distance. btw those poor bastages never knew what was hitting them.
  11. This seems to be the reoccurring issue on long distance maps. Not sure if it's even fixable but thought i'd share.
  12. no theyre the same you need your iyes czeched.
  13. this is what you look like when healing or prepping grenade.
  14. pistols are for medics and TOC jockeys that is all.
  15. needs > wants