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  1. Warning before squad kick

    Lower gameplay volume and raise coms volume....problem solved
  2. Warning before squad kick

    Verbal communication is effective enough. No need for more context menu items and clutter and more stuff to press to issue a warning to someone not following orders. If they don't respond via coms then they shouldn't be in the squad anyway. The whole point of squad is communication. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I understand what you mean and I agree. I was in a logi and my squad got wiped out, so it would have been nice to be able to talk to squad X and say hey do you want these supplies etc. Instead of having to talk to my SL to tell him to ask Squad X then relay it back to me. Having squad coms available in vehicles seems like a good idea to me. Not every server has a dedicated logi team, and even if they do sometimes other squads need to grab a logi anyway.
  4. "Rank" For Squad Lead

    This is the same guy that is arguing about putting pikachu toys on the end of his guns for customization. You would rather see some BS than real benefits to the game. Helos, new animations and such. Want ranking systems, play a game that has it.
  5. No foosteps sound

    I don't know man, you sound like the guy that has 5.1 spacial audio and all sorts of surround sound bullshit that shouldn't really be played through headphones. Turing the volume up and having great headphones doesn't mean great sound. Adjust your settings, I have Sennheizers and can hear everything perfectly. I also have all that super duper surround dolby DTS bullshit turned off. It creates extra space and more unnecessary space triggers for the audio IE footsteps. It in turn muffles sound as apposed to enhancing it.
  6. I actually do like the idea of being able to steal a vehicle if the engine is running. Maybe it should be limited to smaller vehicles like Humvees and techs. I would especially love to be able to move or even just shut off a motorcycle. That sound of them idling when the enemies leave them on annoys me to no end. I could just blow it up, but sometimes I do not want to give away my position. As for the injury/death out of a moving vehicle, I believe that will be implemented at some point.
  7. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    ^^^^ Sound makes all the difference. I don't know how you came up with that logic. Hearing footsteps of enemies is how you can easily get the drop on them. Works wonders for me.
  8. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    Sometimes I can hear people so clear and get the drop on them, other times....I turn around only to get an AK to the face without having heard a sound. I think it does depend on the surface. Wading through water for instance is so loud and can give away a position very easily. Walking in buildings is loud for me as well. I think it might also depend on audio settings. Obviously headphones make almost a 100% difference. But the settings within your audio control panel can have a great affect as well. I am an audiophile and I always adjust my sounds according to the games I play. Your enemies footsteps may be being heard, however if your EQ and other settings are not tweaked properly it is very easy to have them drowned out. For instance if you have 7.1 Dolby surround in your headphone settings, that might not be the best because it gives more "space" for the footsteps to be played in. If you play in 2.1 in your headphones the sounds have less "space" to find and they will come in louder and clearer.
  9. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Is the new animation system going to affect ragdolls?
  10. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    I've been on both teams winning, losing, getting base raped e.t.c. Seems balanced to me, one of the best maps to be honest. I'm sure there could be improvements but I love it. It really depends on how much time is wasted at the very start of the round and if you have competent squad leaders.
  11. Separate mouse sensitivity while aiming?

    I would like a separate aim sensitivity for vehicle turrets. I have mine at 24 and that is fine for a soldier, but when I get in a turret it is way to slow to be useful.
  12. Make the game a little bit less hardcore

    I don't know man, lately I have been playing without using a mic at all. Mainly because of me working nights and people sleeping. I have not been kicked out of a single squad yet. It is a little harder to play, but I type in chat a lot, and simple up and down or side to side gestures with the mouse is an effective way of communicating, albeit really cryptic.
  13. Mouse sensitivity resets every game

    Hey guys I'm just bumping this topic to see if this issue was addressed. It still seems to reset after every map change and startup. Just wondering if anyone else still has the issue.
  14. Proper way to join a locked squad

    I feel like I just got interviewed for a $150,000 a year job
  15. Proper way to join a locked squad

    As far as Project Reality goes, I was really late to the game. I just started playing about a month ago. I am really excited to have been an early player for squad, being able to test the waters and such. The one thing I notcied while in PR is all of the different squads. Such as APC, Transport, and such. Now I don't have any people that I play squad with except those that I join a squad with already in game. So the people I play with are almost always new to me. I usually get stuck playing as a Rifleman or something. I know I am a great pilot, as far as transport helos go. I have played many solo games to test it out and have gotten the hang of it very well. Now when I join a game, what is the best way to ask to be in the Transport squad? They are almost always locked. Even though you can still receive a kit and fly anyway, I assume that is forwned upon. How would you guys go about asking? Do I ask the Commander? Or the squad lead for that squad? I feel like the squads are already established, as I usually join a game already in progress and I feel like they will not be open to letting people in, hence why they are locked. I know this seems like it has a lot to do with PR but eventually vehicels will be added to Squad and I want to be able to take advantage of all the features. Especailly transport helos. Those are my favorite. I find it very rewarding when you drop off a whole squad into the thick of it and and make a quick extraction. Any advice would be much appreciated to a new player. Thanks guys.