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  1. I think the Turkish armed forces use the G3 and MG3(and PKM if memory serves).
  2. What Are Your Best Kills?

    Having an absolutely useless team and squad, I once decided to do a one man flanking maneuver just for kicks, hoping to at least annoy the enemy before the round was over. This was on one of the afghanistan maps. I suddenly got shot at while walking near a field. I ran across the road and dove into the field hoping that the enemy would not bother tossing grenades. I bandaged up a bit and pondered what to do next when an entire russian squad came walking right on top of me! I opened up on their feet, taking down at least four with one mag, then changing to pistol I got at least two more(I think) But before i could deliver the coup de grace with a grenade, the round ended. Made me feel a bit like John Rambo.
  3. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    For someone calling himself "Insano" that response was pretty much what i expected.
  4. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I kinda wished they would go for the Korean war instead. Its a criminally overlooked war for some reason, despite the fact that half the world participated in it, and it featured many big battles. AFAIK, there is no FPS game to date wich is set in the Korean war... wich is kinda mindblowing. Its like the big war everybody agreed to just forget.
  5. Whats everyones best joke?

    (For this to work, you have to speak with a overly done german english accent when speaking the lines of the coastguard radio operator!) A british ship is caught in a storm off the coast of Germany. They send a desperate radio transmission to the german coastguard; "Calling all coast guard vessels, we are sinking, I repeat, we are sinking!" After a little while the german coast guard replies. "Ah yes, that is gut, what are you zinking about?" *rimshot*
  6. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    I once joined a squad full of brits who obviously knew each other IRL or something because the banter and injokes would never stop, and when I tried to call out for some orders or inform them of enemy sightings etc, I was promptly ignored. Worst was when two of them got flanked and shot, i managed to kill the enemy, and revive them. Then the rest of the squad rolled up in a BTR, and as i was giving covering fire for the two i recently revived and healed, they all entered the BTR and buggered off, leaving me in the dust to be shot. All the while I was running for the BTR asking them to wait for me, bullets litterally zipping past my head. I admit at that moment I considered respawning as AT and make sure that BTR had a little "accident".
  7. View angles in vehicles too restricting

    Eh, mirrors... I dont know if that would be feasible. Remember that the game needs to render the scene in the mirror, and having two mirrors on each hummer, logi and technical would probably curbstomp the engine and the fps.
  8. To be fair, while crawling with a kevlar vest, full gear and a weapon can be tiresome, and including a stamina penalty for crawling in the game is "realistic" I'd rather see they did away with it, seeing as they are going for a milsim light approach. It is a bit jarring to loose stamina while crawling, yet you can stay in iron sights mode forever without any sway or stamina penalty. EDIT: I strongly disagree with the whole kit pickup thing. It would deviate from the gameplay and lead to a lot of smart asses suiciding for each other to swap weapons and what not. Or idiots taking big risks trying tro grab a desired weapon from a team mate. Besides it would really suck to die while wielding the LMG or AT, get revived and find that someone stole your stuff.
  9. Star Citizen! Come join me!

    Indeed... Would be fair to remind people of the controversy surrounding this game. It is the most successful crowdfunding in history, yet four years on, almost all of the major promised gameplay features are missing, and the game is still stuck in a very unstable alpha. Many developers with longtime experience in the crysis engine are questioning if it is even feasible to make this game in the crysis engine. The lack of any major progress in the game, along with the statements of CIG employees working on the game lend credence to this claim. Also, the company behind the game sell INGAME ships for REAL money, the most expensive package costing about 15K USD. Yep. You read that right, 15k bucks for virtual ships, some of wich you cant even use. People are free to spend their own money the way they want, but to me it seems just wrong to ask for that amount of money for something thats not even in the game yet. It seems like the company needed an additional source of funding were the customers cannot ask for refunds, so the company came up with those ship packages. As one CIG employee puts it; (source is in the escapist article, link provided below) Some employees of CIG (Cloud Imperium Games, the company behind the game) recently came out and spoke about the challhenges faced by the company: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/features/14715-CIG-Employees-Talk-Star-Citizen-and-the-State-of-the-Company This was in turn threatened with a lawsuit by CIG chairman Chris Roberts: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2015/10/04/star-citizen-developer-threatens-lawsuit-against-the-escapist-demands-apology-and-retraction/#36d113d1da99 So yeah. It is worth to take notes about the drama surrounding this game before you end up pledging real money for it.
  10. Whats everyones best joke?

    ah, glad to see the internet hasn't forgotten the Chuck Norris jokes! My favorite jokes are from soviet era Russia. Nobody does dark but dry humour better than the russians. "Three men are thrown into the gulag, and after a while the conversation turns to what they were arrested for. The first guy says, "I was 5 minutes, late for work, so they arrested me for being a saboteur!" Second guy says "I was 5 minutes early for work, so they arrested me for being a spy!" The third guy says "I turned up to work on time, so they arrested me for having a watch made in the West." Another one: A border guard on the soviet border spots a flock of sheep heading towards his post. "So, where are you sheep going?" He asks. The sheeps replied: "We are leaving russia. The party has outlawed elephants." The guard looks about. "But you are sheep, not elephants!" "Yeah, but try to convince the NKVD of that!"
  11. RO2 Players habitat

    Yeah. Everybody shuns the mainstreet like the plague for good reason, thus the pushes are limited to the village houses on each side. Its always mad dash back and forth as the axis advanced on one side and the soviet on another!
  12. View angles in vehicles too restricting

    Yeah, agreed. Its useful for backing up and keep a track of any nearby friendlies. Hopefully that shouldnt be too hard to implement.
  13. Heard its a lot of trouble with that one. 4 years of development and still major gameplay features are absent.
  14. RO2 Players habitat

    I got about 217 hours in this game. Most of it is in the Rising storm expansion. It was a great expansion, and it was fun to play in a non european theatre. Nothing beats a full japanese team banzai charge! Going berserk with a flamethrower on Saipan is also super fun. I've been a fan of Red Orchestra since it was a UT 2003 mod. The gunplay and weapon handling, along with the intense gameplay is by far my favorite part of the game. Too bad RO for some reason does not have the same squad chat culture as in PR or Squad so its not very often i meet people willing to talk. Longest shot were with a japanese Type 99 LMG on Iwo Jima, 244 metres and a 239 metres shot with the soviet SVT 40. (without scope) on the.... uh, the map were the axis attack a church, then move on to a municipal building through a burnt out village. The name escapes me at the moment.