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  1. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    I was literally about to start a topic on this. This is a fan made video by an ARMA fan for what scopes we're going to be like, it would be silly to make the mistake that ArmA did, however it's understandable if it isn't doable. This is one of my top ten features Id like to see in Squad. Link to the video:
  2. Manual Operating Of The Charging Handle.

    I love the idea buddy, would be a nice touch.
  3. What's Our Christmas Present Going To Be?

    Yes it would be nice to get a little treat. Even if it was just a video showing us the recent work you guys have done!
  4. How Long Will Rounds Last?

    Also a slightly sped time cycle to fight from dusk to night would be awesome!
  5. How Long Will Rounds Last?

    Id like rounds to last for a long long time, definitely a few hours. Giving people a chance to really spend some quality time hanging at FOB's like in real life delivering mortar firing missions etc and then still having the time etc to leave the FOB and go of a foot patrol engaging with civilians where you might not come across contact for as long as an hour! Now THAT would be extremely immersible to me.
  6. Public Alpha In December?

    I'll be happy to wait as long as it takes for an alpha to get out. Don't rush it. take your time, make sure its reasonably fun to play until the beta and most of all make sure its stable! All the best and gods speed.
  7. + 1 on Falklands conflict and Afghanistan. Would be nice to see a Northern Ireland map with IRA etc.
  8. How Do You Want To See Attachments Done?

    Unless you plan on making SF (Special forces) keep the attachments to what the units get issued. Dont want anything like COD/Battlefield etc...
  9. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    British armed forces! maybe with Royal Maine or Parachute Regiments or some sort of regiment insignia on them? would be a nice touch! Would be nice to see all the new British gear that's been flowing in since 2009 mastered in a game. Hey! maybe add some Welsh accents to the character models for a Welsh supporter here? haha keep the good work up guys.
  10. Art Update #1 - Insurgent Weapons [Image Heavy]

    awesome to see a player model lowering his weapon. Hope there will be a key to do this for when your standing around a FOB talking to team mates etc. A must for a game like this!
  11. A More Interesting Medic Role

    I feel that having an in-depth medic system with longer re spawning times would also make people think more cautiously with what they do thus leading to teamwork (as you'd have to rely on someone in the team in this case being a medic) and a more realistic, team orientated game. The devs need to imply system that basically makes it so the player is worthless without his team. For example, stamina and slow movements when lugging gear around meaning a player would need to rely on his team for supression when pushing on an objective, and also for the other side suppression aspects like screen blurring, slowing in movements, less accurate shooting etc etc. I totally agree with an in-depth medic system, maybe like the CSE mod for ArmA 3? who knows! we'll have to wait and see.